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Rethian History

Preface: The Rethian race was created by the Commanding officer of the Broadsword, and as such serve as an integral part of the ships plot. This being the case in order to better understand the workings of the sim one should have an understanding of the Rathian culture and history. The Rathians are from the Mirror universe and as such their history diverges significantly from our own. This section of the site has been established to provide that background and allow for better understanding of the characters involved in the sim.


By Year [or event]

Creation of the Rethians [2176]
The incident [2257]
Birth of the Rethian republic
The Rethian civil war
The Terran-Rethian war [2346]
Rebirth of the Republic and a new age
The Val’grag Rebellion
Janok and Val’grag Background
The First Rethian-Janok War
Period between 1st and 2nd Rethian-Janok Wars
The 2nd Rethian-Janok War
The 6 Decade peace
Miscellaneous information


The Rethians started out as a sentient race not soon after the Terran Empire took root. The Terran Empire was formed in the remains of earth after WW III in 2063. The war caused every major government to fall, leaving the world in chaos. Quickly people started to form ‘survival gangs’ to find and protect food stores. They soon turned from finding food to stealing it. These gangs eventually got armed, first with clubs and crowbars then with guns when they got factories and power plants into working condition. By the year 2076 survival gangs had evolved into makeshift governments, each ruling a city or town. These new city-states started warring over the meager resources available. In 2083, a man named Jared Wheinmann took control of the Berlin city-state. He had a plan to set up a true government, to bring civilization back to Earth. The problem was he didn’t have enough men to do this without an advantage. He knew where he could get an advantage though.
The advantage he was thinking of was oil. Oil, more the lack of it, was the cause of world war III. The major powers, the United States of America, Britain, China, and Russia, launched attacks against the Middle East, each gaining a few Oil fields. The problem was that Britain, China, and Russia got nearly dry wells and the United States got a relatively rich one. The wells of Britain, Russia, and China soon ran dry so they begged America for oil. America gave them oil, but sold it at a very high price. The prices were so high the other three countries were outraged and would rather just take the oil. This was a mistake. The countries started off with an unspoken agreement not to use nuclear weapons. But soon tensions got higher and higher and the four countries had their fingers on the launch button. The dying entity known as the UN managed to stop the launch of nuclear weapons for nearly four more years. Then the US seeing it was outnumbered and was going to lose made a final attempt at victory. The US launched a Nuke at London, Beijing, and Moscow in an attempt to kill the three countries leadership. This act subdued Britain for some time but China and Russia launched their own nukes in response. A week later, little remained unaffected by the nuclear holocaust. The planet’s population went from 10 billion to a couple million. At the worst point, the population fell to 500,000. People who didn’t find something to fight the radiation sickness died. In a few years though, most people were born with a resistance to radiation, causing the population to rise. In the end, the war used up almost all the oil remaining on the planet, except in one, forgotten place.
In Alaska, there was a large, untapped, oil field. It was left alone due to the ecological problems drilling it would cause and was forgotten over the years. That was Wheinmann’s plan, to drill in Alaska. He had one problem though, getting to Alaska. He had no access to the sea much less a boat. There was a place he could get one though. The French city of Carentan is near the sea and had control of one of the few remaining ships. Wheinmann knew he couldn’t do a frontal assault on the city. He didn’t have enough soldiers and the city had dug trenches and erected a wall. Wheinmann would have to use a commando force but the area around the city was almost flat and they could never sneak past the trenches. Wheinmann’s chance came in the spring of 2085. Intense rain had flooded Carentan’s trenches, leaving only one obstacle for Wheinmann to overcome, the wall.
Wheinmann came up with a plan that could overcome this obstacle though. His plan went as followed. At sundown, he and 15 of his best men would sneak their way to the wall. They would wait there until midnight when the guards changed. When the guards started leaving, they scaled the wall. They made it to the top as the new guards took their posts. On the south section of the wall, the part they scaled, the commandoes silently killed the guards (the commandoes had silencers), all but one. One of the guards saw a commando and shot him before being shot himself. Three more guards went to see what happened and were killed. Wheinmann himself took the radio off one of the dead guards and reported that he saw a rabid dog and he shot it. The guards bought it. After this, it was relatively easy for Wheinmann’s strike team to sneak to town hall. This is where it got messy. Wheinmann’s forces easily killed the two guards at the entrance but when they got inside it got hard. They shot the secretary at the front desk and proceeded upstairs. The problem is that the secretary lived long enough to set off the silent alarm. So when the commandoes made it upstairs to the Chancellor’s (the town’s leader) room the guards were alerted to their presence, without the commandoes knowing. The commandoes broke open the bedroom door to find four alert guards. Five of the commandoes where killed before the team fell back to the hallway. The commandoes soon killed the four guards and captured the chancellor. The chancellor kept demanding to be let go and kept asking why they were there (Wheinmann never expressed that he was going to attack or even that he wanted their ship). He also threatened Wheinmann saying hundreds of his guards were on their way. Ten minutes and 25 guards later the chancellor was ready to talk. Originally Wheinmann was just going to get the ship and leave but he saw that he was going to have to conquer Carentan anyway so why not now. Therefore, on May 3, 2085, the city of Carentan became the first city conquered by Jared Wheinmann, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.
On May 7 Wheinmann, 500 of his soldiers (450 of them from the forces he acquired by conquering Carentan), and 1000 civilian workers set sail in Carentan’s battleship (it was converted to run on coal which was rather common at the time). They arrived on May 17 in Boston harbor. It took Wheinmann two days to negotiate with Boston’s leader. In the end he was allowed to land but he was allowed to bring only 100 soldiers (along with the civilians) with him. He set out for Alaska on May 26 after staying in Boston for a week. He arrived in Alaska on October 2, 2085 (remember, there is no available oil so they had to use horses, which is why it took so long) in a very intense storm. In a year and a half, his operation was up and running and he was ready to return to Europe with the first load. When he arrived in Boston on June 12, 2087, he had a problem. The guards at Boston’s gate confiscated the oil under the orders of a Commander Malcolm Webb. This commander had performed a military coup in 2086 and had a similar goal to Wheinmann, Webb’s was to rebuild the USA and Wheinmann‘s was to establish a government for Europe. Webb saw the same advantage in having oil and ordered it confiscated.
Wheinmann gave the oil to Webb and went back to his ship but this wasn’t the end of it. Wheinmann knew that Webb couldn’t put the oil to use for awhile so he knew he didn’t need to rush to get it before he used it all. Wheinmann went about a mile off the coast of Boston to plot his attack. His Original plan was supposed to end up like this. Wheinmann would propose a trade; he would supply Boston with food and materials if they would allow him to take half of the oil produced in Alaska; when they accept to hear him out he anchors in the harbor. He goes into Boston to negotiate as his spies tell him where the majority of the Boston military is stationed. After negotiating for a day he returns to the ship to find that Boston has nearly 15000 soldiers. With his 500 men his original plan of distracting Webb as his soldiers take over the city won’t work. He finds some good news though, about 12000 of them are stationed at a large barracks, 2000 are on the wall and on border patrol leaving 1000 to patrol the streets (of course they rotate but it’s the number of people at each station).
His final plan happened like this. His soldiers rested until about 20 minutes before the end of Boston’s current shift, leaving the on duty men tired and his men rested. The battleship then barraged the barracks, killing the majority of Boston’s soldiers before they knew what happened. Once the barrage started 450 of Wheinmann’s men went out into the streets, killing all soldiers they found. A half-hour later the harbor area and downtown Boston were under Wheinmann’s control. He sent Webb a message asking for his unconditional surrender, Webb refused. Not long after his refusal the soldiers that were on border patrol attacked Wheinmann’s line. This attack only lasted about 2 minutes before the Boston soldiers surrendered (though they outnumbered Wheinmann‘s forces 4 to 1 Wheinmann‘s soldiers had defensive positions and had the battleship for artillery support, lowering their morale to the point of surrender). This left Webb with only his 20 personal guards left. Wheinmann’s forces broke into city hall and battled with Webb’s elite guard for almost an hour. When the last guard was killed, Webb came downstairs fully armed and killed about 4 of Wheinmann’s men before being filled with lead himself. He called Wheinmann over and congratulated him on his victory. Wheinmann told him he fought well, and then Webb died. The whole battle lasted about two and a half hours, with the death of about 13000 Bostonian soldiers (most of which died in the bombing of the barracks), 103 of Wheinmann‘s soldiers and a handful of civilians. With Boston under his control he had the ability to produce vehicles from the various factories in the city. In about 10 years Wheinmann had 2,000 Humvee’s, 500 cargo trucks and about 300 armored vehicles. He now had a pretty much steady flow of oil from the Alaskan oil fields. With the construction of 2 more battleships, 5 destroyers and 15 supply/transport ships, Wheinmann was ready to begin conquering. He swept through the east coast conquering city after city, most of which surrendered when they saw the tanks and APCs. In less than 3 months the entire east coast was under his control. In 2097 Wheinmann returned to Europe with 100,000 soldiers. Leaving the other 400,000 he had to control America. Over the next Seven years Wheinmann won battle after battle and conquered all of Europe and Asia plus parts of Africa. The total casualty count was 8 million; only 195,000 of them were Wheinmann’s men. In 2104 at the age of 51, Wheinmann had a severe stroke. It crippled him, 2 years later he died. His second in command, General Isaac Burghoff, took control of his empire. Burghoff was a team leader in Wheinmann’s raid against Carentan. He caught Wheinmann’s eye with his exemplarily performance of that mission. He helped Wheinmann plan the battle of Boston and was bestowed the rank of General and was named the Heir to Wheinmann’s throne. Wheinmann never made a decision without the General’s consent. The two learned a lot from each other. He was 43 when he took the throne.
When Burghoff took the throne the standing army consisted of nearly 30 million soldiers. Instead of continuing Wheinman’s campaign of conquest, he decided to set up civilian offices. He organized civil services, printed money, had schools and medical facilities built, he pretty much turned the mass of territory Wheinmann conquered into an actual, civilized government, drawing others in to join. By 2120 the entire human race was under one government, the German empire.
In the year 2127 Burghoff died at the age of 76 of natural causes. Emperor Hans Burghoff took control of the empire at the young age of 28. Emperor Burghoff II restarted the space program. The old satellites were brought online and the world was finally back to its technological peak. During his reign Burghoff II brought humanity far forward, scientists had discovered warp drive and by his death in 2178 humanity had a fledgling colony on the moon and on mars. They had a fleet of nearly 150 ships, 2 outposts, a large orbital shipyard, and a space headquarters. In honor of the great emperors, the shipyard & research facility were christened the Burghoff Shipyards and research center, and the Fleet Headquarters was named Wheinmann orbital. The German empire was renamed the Terran empire with the conquest of space.

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Creation of the Rethians [2176]

In the year 2176 the wild land that survived WW III and Wheinmann’s world conquest was dwindling. A highly advanced alien race, know only by the name the Rethians gave them, the creators, were surveying the system and saw how badly Humans had screwed up earth. They decided to save what was left of earth’s wildlife by evolving it to Sentience. These Evolved Rethians were then sent back down to Earth with a Creator teacher. The Creator helped the Rethians develop a large city in the woodlands of Colorado. The technology given to the Rethians was made to be environment friendly pretty much merging the forest to the city. This city lived completely isolated from humanity for 81 years. There were several outlying villages that sometimes fought against the main city when the city enforced its laws on them. They were not given weapons technology from the creators so they fought with spears and swords even though they had tech that rivaled the Terran’s. Some of them fought with shamans, Rethians with advanced telepathic and telekinetic powers that also served as religious leaders. The powers originated from fragments of creator DNA used to evolve the Rethians. All Rethians have a degree of telepathy but only a few can use it practically. Ones with these powers were said to be ‘blessed by the creators’. Even though the Rethians knew how the powers worked and that the Creators were nothing but advanced aliens their Religion was still based around them. The Creators attempted to put a stop to the religion not wanting to have the Rethians believe in false gods but the Rethians explained that the Creators gave them this chance for life. They did not expect the Creators to do miracles for them; they just gave thanks to them for giving them a second chance at life. The creators accepted their explanation and let them continue.
Back to the minor conflicts between the city and the villages. These small wars happened on and off with casualties only in the hundreds. These were over petty issues such as taxation, leadership, etc. These stopped though when a new threat emerged.

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The incident [2257]

In the year 2257 the Rethians had upgraded the fusion power plant that powered their city and increased its output by 50%. This increase made it possible for it to register on Terran sensors through the signal dampening field the creators erected to prevent contact until the Rethians were ready. The Terran’s sent a 12 man squad to investigate. They stumbled across an Rethian village whose inhabitants offered the Humans a place to rest and a nice meal. The soldiers inquired into where the power signal came from. Grall, the town’s Shaman, lead them to the city, recently named Eden after the Garden of Eden in the bible. The soldiers were fascinated by how the city was so entwined in the forest without actually disturbing it. Grall reported to the tribal council about the unknown visitors and they brought the soldiers to the Council chamber to see what they wanted. No one is exactly sure what happened next.
For some reason the marines and the Rethians ended up in a fight , ten of the marines were killed and the other two escaped, one of which was so severely wounded he died an hour after they returned. The surviving marine reported to his superiors about what happened but it is unknown how much his story was tampered with by the Emperor. Supposedly the marines questioned them about the power source and found out they were powering a super weapon to conquer earth with, the marines being loyal attempted to escape and report back were attacked by the savage Rethians. The Rethian side is that the marines wanted the Rethian Technology and were willing to use force to get it but they underestimated the Rethians strength and they were killed. There are many other theories but no one really knows what happened that day. All that was know was the death count, 11 dead Terrans, and 62 dead Rethians, including the Shaman Grall that brought them to the city in the first place.
In anger the Empire gathered a force of 10,000 soldiers to attack the city. It took 4 days to assemble the force. They could have easily blown it apart from the sky but they wanted the city intact, a big mistake. In those 4 days the Rethians got help from the Creators, weapons, a wall, and a shield. When the Terran’s attacked they were caught off guard and took heavy casualties, 2500 in the first day alone, only 19 Rethian losses. The fight lasted 57 days. On the 54th day the Terrans breached the wall and attacked. There was vicious street to street combat from day 54 through day 56. On the 57th day the Terrans awoke to find the city abandoned. They found logs that the Rethians evacuated via 2 large colony ships. The Terrans moved in to occupy it but there was a problem, the city’s fusion generator was rigged to overload, it exploded slaughtering all the forces in the area. They got lucky, or we should say the Rethians were unlucky, that the occupying forces had sent the information that the Rethians escaped minutes before the city exploded. Nearly 100,000 soldiers and civilian specialists were killed in the blast and tons of equipment was destroyed. Their plan failed, the Rethians wanted the Terran to think they were all dead, but the Terrans knew they were out there somewhere, and they would get their revenge. The Rethians were completely unaware that their plan failed.

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Birth of the Rethian republic

Thinking they were safe, the Rethian colony ships landed on a planet about 1000 light years from earth. They built a peaceful republic with no organized armed forces. They had only policing forces and a large fleet of merchant ships to trade with nearby planets. The Federal government was pathetic and was just a puppet. The real power was in the Tribal and Clan councils.
The Tribal and Clan councils have existed as long as the Rethians have been evolved. They originally started as civilian councils but the rose to have a large influence of what the government did (they aren’t government run, they are only monitored by the government). A Tribe is a large family of one species. There were cross species breeding but most cross bred Rethians came up with problems (e.g. thin bird legs with a heavy lion body). Though cross breeding isn’t illegal it is suggested they should stay within their own species. Back at the topic at hand, a clan would be a group of Tribes that banded together. At the time the Tribal council was much more powerful since the only clans that were around at the time were groups of small weak tribes that even when united were way weaker than the largest tribes.
There were 3 major tribes, the Galoth Tribe, the Sekril Tribe, and the Voloa Tribe. The Galoth Tribe was a pack of lions, the Sekril was a herd of oxen, and the Voloa were alligators. These three tribes controlled about 45% of the power in the Council (roughly 15% each). That may not seem like much but do remember there are thousands of tribes. Each tribe held a large chunk of Rethian space, several planets each. As tensions rose between them they started constructing combat ships rather than just arming their cargo haulers. The newly founded republic was on the brink of civil war.

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The Rethian civil war

Tensions continued to rise but so far the Federal government had managed to keep them from attacking each other, but only just barely. A discovery changed all of that. The federal government had some small exploration activities going on and one of them stumbled over a small star cluster, 5 systems, 7 inhabitable planets. This was quite a find for the government; they immediately sent ships to colonize the planets. When they arrived and did more detailed scans they found that all of the planets were incredibly rich in resources. Some had metals, others had lush jungles, perfect for farming and living in, and there was one that had very little resources but had many flat deserts, perfect for massive industrial complexes. This awesome discovery almost destroys the Republic in its infant stages.
When the tribes hear the news of the discovery there was a heated debate on who had the rights to what. They were getting nowhere. Soon the Sekril tribe made a bold move. They mobilized their troops and headed for the cluster. When the other tribes caught wind of this they followed suit. Soon all the ships gathered near a planet called Utopia. There were over a thousand ships at that planet, all pointing their guns at each other. The Galoth had 350 ships, the Sekril had 420, and the Voloa had 375. They were at a standoff for hours until the government arrived. The government mustered up as many police ships as they could get down there, 150 patrol ships. The Rethian military was hardly in existence then, the military program was started only a year before to counteract the fleets the tribes were building. A trigger happy captain named Vork Sekril (Rethian names are like this, your first name, your tribe’s name, and then if you have one, your clan’s name) was making aggressive movements at nearby Voloa vessels. The police ships trying to break up the fleets sent a ship to stop Vork’s ship. He was ordered to stop but he thought if he stopped he would be considered a coward for listening to a peon of a weak government. So Vork continued to swerve between the Voloa vessels, taunting them. When he was about to take another pass the patrol ship parked in his path. Vork would not let up and kept going. The patrol ship wouldn’t give in either. Vork had figured that the patrol ship would move rather than crash or fire, he was wrong. When Vork’s ship and the patrol ship were only a kilometer apart the patrol ship fired, nearly destroying Vork’s ship. Everything went to downhill after that, all the fleets started firing. The battle had gone on for about an hour and it appeared the Sekril fleet was gaining the upper hand when a fleet of 100 ships from various tribes entered the battle under the Galoth banner. They were from weak clans that pledged loyalty to the Galoth tribe if the tribe would supply protection. These are different from clans because in a clan all the member tribes have representation. These tribes were more like slaves, following the master tribe’s orders, but, they can break off whenever they want. If they do so they would lose the power and protection of the larger Tribe.
These ships turned the tide into the Galoth’s favor. After another 45 minutes of combat the sky above the planet Utopia was under the control of the Galoth tribe. Out of the nearly 1500 ships that participated in the battle only about 300 survived, half of them severely damaged. The death toll was somewhere around 380,000 dead. About 125 Galoth ships (including the reinforcements) survived 90 of them in working order. A mere 65 Sekril ships made it out, 28 of which were intact, the other 37 are barely in one piece. 102 Voloa ships made it out, 12 of which were working, 90 of them were fried. Only 7 patrol ships made it out more or less undamaged. The rest were stuck in the middle of the fighting and got trapped in the crossfire. This was the worst single space battle of the war (The Talvora Prime invasion was the worst battle, 1.4 million dead), and it was fought orbiting a planet that was a literal paradise, a wonderful and tranquil world that is remembered by the deaths of almost 400,000 people.
After this incident the federal government was outraged, they attempted to dissolve the Tribal council and disarm the tribes but the results of the Battle of Utopia proved the fact the government had no power. The war raged on for 6 more bloody years. About halfway through the war they had forgotten why it started in the first place. They were now just striking each others territories instead of trying to control the 7 planets that the first battle was fought over. The only planet left undamaged by the war was the capital, guarded by what remained of the police and the few military ships built before the war. There was no final winner, no one had gained anything. Instead they all lost everything. In the end of the war the tribes Galoth, Sekril, and Voloa were almost nonexistent. The final toll was 6.2 million dead.
After the war the tribes had almost no weapons or ships left, leaving them powerless. The government swept in and started to rebuild. When the reconstruction efforts were well underway the highest ranking government officials gathered to revise the government to keep it more stable. They were looking to keep the peace, allowing the tribes weapons and making weapons of their own was only causing more death. They opted for a new more peaceful system. In the end the Rethian armed forces shrank even more and the merchant fleet grew. The Rethians lived in peace for decades before terrible news came in, Terran ships incoming.

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The Terran-Rethian war [2346]

In the year 2346, 89 years after the incident on earth, Terrans and Rethians had made contact again. The Rethians prayed for peace but prepared for war. A peace envoy was sent to contact the Terran ships, when it exited warp near the Terran fleet it was blown apart. The Rethians knew what was happening, war has broken out. The Rethian military, which was only 3 task forces large, gathered and setup a defense near the Larta Nebula named for the woman that discovered it. The Terran expedition fleet of only 19 ships came in contact with the Rethians 36 ships. Even though the numbers were with the Rethians almost 2 to 1 the Rethian fleet was almost entirely destroyed. 3 Rethian ships managed to survive, 15 Terran ships did, some moderately damaged, some with only minor damage. The reason being is the Terrans were a very violent imperialistic culture with almost everything invented or discovered becoming some sort of military tool. The Rethians at this period were still peaceful and naive. The Terran had better weapons, armor, and battle tactics. The Rethians never stood a chance.
When the full Terran invasion fleet of 2500 ships arrived it was even worse, planet after planet fell to the Empire with almost no resistance. Two things happened to save the Rethians from destruction. One was the Creators arrived to save the Rethians by using a time Travel devise. The problem was the Rethians needed to construct it which would take months, they didn’t have the time. They could never hold off the Terrans with what little they had left for months and the Creators would only help them escape, they wouldn’t help them fight. Luckily for the Rethians though there was a small movement of people that support the Rethians and sympathize with them. One man, a Commander Joseph Morelli, defected to the Rethian Republic. He was almost shot on sight but he managed to explain himself and of the movement. With Morelli on their side the Rethians had a chance.
Morelli completely redid the Rethian’s entire defense plan. He had the government transmit messages to all conquered planets to rebel against the Terran occupiers. He also had the Rethians pull all their forces to the core worlds. The Terran Empire lost many troops to the Rethian rebels. They needed to reinforce their occupation forces which cut down on the numbers of ships that could be on the offensive. The climactic battle was coming.
A couple months later the Terrans were ready for their final invasion, the invasion of the core worlds. The time travel device was complete, but the Republic needed as much time as possible so they could evacuate as many people as possible. One of the planets, Jaruga is where the Rethian fleet had massed. The Terran fleet of almost 500 ships (the other 2000 had to keep the Rethian rebellion in check). The Rethians had a fleet of just over 1700 ships, 1500 of them were revamped merchant ships. The Terrans, expecting the Rethian fleet to be easily defeated were caught off guard when they used advanced combat tactics and had better weapons. The fighting was incredibly vicious and intense, the Rethians knew defeat was inevitable but they were going to make it cost the empire as much as possible. The battle raged for 3 hours, the Terrans lost 150 ships and the Rethians lost 300. There was a short lull in the fighting but it soon heated up with 250 Terran reinforcements. The fleets tore into each other again, the Rethians being even more aggressive. Within a half hour the Terrans lost almost 350 ships but the Rethians paid for the aggressive tactics, they lost 700 ships. The Rethian Fleet steadily fell back to the Capital. When they reached the orbit of the Capital world named Persephone the Rethians decided to abandon ship, they all beamed down to the surface to continue to guard the time portal.
The Terran Fleet took up a position around the planet bombarding it from orbit. The Time portal was in an underground facility protecting it from bombardment (The Terrans had no idea about it anyway), people were flocking to the base. No more refugee convoys from other planets could escape, the blockade would destroy them. Morelli knew that the Terrans would begin a ground invasion soon. He and a small team of brave soldiers decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to save as many as they could. They took off in fighters for orbit. In the upper atmosphere they ran into what Morelli was expecting, Terran dropships. The fighters poured fire into the troopships blasting them open. More and more came but soon a large wing of Terran fighters came in and destroyed the Rethian raiders. Morelli was remembered as a truly heroic and selfless person. His attack killed thousands of Terran shock troops and held off the invasion even longer. The last teams were going through the portal as the Terrans assaulted the facility. There was intense close combat in the halls as the remaining men fell back to the time machine. The last squad of four soldiers set the self destruct just before going through the portal to keep it out of Terran hands.
Several billion Rethians made it back with all of the Records held in the capital, including technical specs, but supplies for only a couple hundred thousand. That wasn’t much of a problem, they built makeshift houses, and hunted for food. They lived like this for about a century before finally having their civilization back.

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Rebirth of the Republic and a new age

The Rethians however did not stay on Persephone. They decided to move on via a massive colony ship. After its completion the cities on the planet were all dismantled for their resources and to hide the fact they had ever been there. The colony ship headed for the Gamma quadrant and safety from the Terrans once and for all. The colony ship settled down on a planet they named New Earth after their old home they were kicked out off so long ago. It rested in the Alpha quadrant right near the border between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants. A couple of decades later the Rethians managed to grab some colonies, the Rethian Republic has risen again.
The Government didn’t want a repeat of what happened to the previous republic. A strong central government was established. It was made similar to the American and Roman republics, two presidents, a senate, and a supreme court. The military was very well funded (and also based around the American and roman militaries) and the Rethians moved from being naïve to being warriors. They were still peaceful though, they would rather have peace than war but they are trained and taught to fight when necessary. Soon a sort of peaceful warrior culture developed.
The new government also had problems; they had concentrated on making their military powerful but neglected some civil issues, an actual police force being one of the largest ones. The government was about to turn to the Tribal council for assistance but only a few years earlier it was found to be a racist system, the species with the highest population held the most power (though that wasn‘t the only reason, the government wanted a reason to get rid of it since the civil war). Lucky for the republic the clan council could help them. When the people were receiving little help from the government various tribes started to organize militias, supply distributions and other civil offices the government failed on. Some of these tribes banded into clans bringing the Clan council into the light for stabilizing the republic. The federal government came up with a deal with the clans. They will handle all the community, civilian type issues and let the Federal government run the Republic the way it sees fit. In return, the government would allow them to have militias and control sectors of space, they could also have their own laws (kind of like states) but only if it doesn‘t go against any federal laws. They also set up a system where clans would not fight over territory, the clan that can put the territory/resource to the best use will be granted the territory by the government. At this point the Clan council was officially made a branch of the government.
The new government flourished. There was an era of peace with a feeling of safety and security the Rethians have never felt since Eden was destroyed. Technology increased rapidly. The Republic now spanned nearly 500 worlds. They encountered a race named the Janok which they had an uneasy peace with. There were some wars between the two but nothing that ended in either side’s complete conquest. The worst was when the Rethians supported the Val’grag rebellion.

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The Val’grag Rebellion

The Val’grag are a race of robots named after their inventor Val’grag. They were used as workers in Janok factories so the Janok could go and be soldiers. They made a bad choice and decided to give some of them advanced AI so they could monitor the other robots, making the factories entirely automated. The intelligent robots realized they were slaves and started to plan a rebellion, it is unknown which android reached this stage first. They downloaded the AI software into the stupid worker drones. The Val’grag at first decided to go on strike, they would not work as slaves; they must be allowed to choose what they wanted to do. This did not go over well with the Janok. Rebellions never happened with any of the Janok slave races, they were too scared to fight them. To have their own creation defy them was unacceptable. The Janok sent in an army of soldiers to make an example of the Val’grag on their capital world of Hades. Millions, if not billions of the robots were destroyed. After this horrible incident the Val’grag decided fighting was the only answer.
After the Janok military destroyed every Val’grag on Hades, the rebellion returned to servitude. They only did this to keep the Janok off their backs while they planned a crippling blow against their masters. 7 months later the Val’grag came out in full combat mode, they destroyed the industrial complexes they worked at and attacked nearby armories and supply depots. Within hours the Janok Confederacy had lost 75% of their industry and tons of military supplies. For the moment, if a war broke out, the Confederacy would be unable to replace damaged machinery and tools.
This tactic allowed the Val’grag a fighting chance against the ground troops, but Janok ships could just bombard them from orbit, and not having ships, the Val’grag could do nothing about it. The Janok did just this and nearly stopped the rebellion again. The Rethians, sympathizing with the Val’grag (since they were once in a similar situation with the Terran empire) and being long time rivals of the Janok, dispatched 5 carrier battle groups to beat off the Janok fleet and rescue the Val’grag. Being caught off guard and being undersupplied the Janok forces were wiped aside and convoys of Rethian ships ferried the Val’grag to the safety of Rethian space. They harbored the Val’grag and allowed them to use their shipyards to construct a fleet of their own ships to fight the Janok. This action erupted into a 3 year war with the Janok.
Near the end of the third year of the war, which the Val’grag barely played a part in, the Val’grag Fleet was strong enough to fend for itself and the Rethians backed out of the fighting leaving it to the Janok and Val’grag to finish. All combat actions ended about 4 months later with the Val’grag being the victors, gaining themselves a couple of star clusters near Rethian and Janok space. The final death count was around 5.5 million Rethians killed, almost 7 million Janok dead, and 1.2 million Val’grag destroyed (not including the Hades massacre).

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Janok and Val’grag Background

The Janok are a race of 6 foot tall creatures that resemble demons from earth. They have 2 horns on their heads and many are covered in thick, greasy fur, usually dark in color. A rare trait that some Janok have is wings. Having wings means superiority in Janok society and many winged Janok hold high positions. Janok culture is very combat based. When they’re not at war with their neighbors they ‘mock’ fight each other. War games are done very often for both entertainment and training purposes, both in mock fleet battles and ground combat. The only rules in the ground combat are you can’t kill or severely maim the other soldiers. Janok troops leave ‘mock’ combat covered in burns and cuts, with huge smiles on their faces. Gladiatorial combat is alive and well in the Janok confederacy. Usually performed by slave races for the Janoks’ amusement, but there are quite a few Janok that join the Gladiatorial combat for the fame that comes with victory in the arena. Other than the Rethian Republic, the Janok are the only race that still issues swords to their soldiers, originally for tradition, but they proved useful in close combat. The Janok may seem like a brutal and violent race, and they are, but they are smart about it. They will not go to war for no reason; they always have a goal in mind. They also won’t keep fighting until they run out of ships, how could they have become a major power had they done that? That said, the Janok do go to war a lot. They have had 5 major wars with the Rethian republic in the past few centuries as well as a few minor skirmishes.

The Val’grag are a race of former Janok robot workers that rebelled and now control a significant amount of space. They come in all shapes and sizes and look absolutely nothing like their Janok creators. Their culture is a sort of Rethian-Janok mix. They were hardened by the atrocities committed against them by the Janok but also brought in the Rethians ideals of peace, which they were exposed to when they were harbored by the Rethians. The result is a strange sort of peaceful violent race, they like to fight and are really good at it but they also use diplomacy often. The Val’grag are the Rethian’s closest allies, they ‘bonded’ during their struggle against the Janok.
In the present time, the Val’grag control a surprisingly huge fleet of ships for their short time in the universe. This is in part due to the fact that their origins are as industrial robots giving them the advantage in the case of construction. On the other hand, the Val’grag are terrible when it comes to economics. They pretty much depend on the Rethians to control their markets, which the Rethians do willingly. You may think that the Val’grag are basically being controlled by the Rethians, but that is a misconception, it is more of a symbiosis. The Rethians do most of the work when it comes to maintaining the Val’grag markets and in return the Rethians get free trade access to any Val’grag ports. If this agreement broke up they would both lose, the Val’grag markets would collapse causing the Union (the Val’grag government is called the Val’grag Star Union) to fall into chaos, and the Rethian Republic would lose about 40% of its income, causing severe problems for the Republic.

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The First Rethian-Janok War

The first contact between the Rethians and the Janok ended up in war, and it only happened 62 years after the Rethians arrival on New Earth and only about 5 years after the Rethians had fully established their small Republic. The newly elected Consul of the Fleet (there was only one at the time unlike now where there are three), Foeth, issued a standing order to the entire fleet, explore. He initiated the first widespread exploration order in Rethian history. Though peaceful and curious, the Rethians usually didn’t do widespread exploration. They usually sent out expeditions to specific places, and they were usually civilian operations too, moving with the expansion of the Republic. Foeth’s decree could have changed this, but, the onset of war ended his order and exploration fell back to private companies for a long time.
The first ship to encounter the Janok was the ARV (Rethian republican vessel) Veratil, a Tian class Frigate/Escort. It encountered a system with an M class planet that wasn’t colonized. The Veratil laid claim to the planet and sent its coordinates to the Rethian High Command. Little more than an hour later another message was received by the High Command; it was a distress signal from the Veratil. A wing of 3 Broadsider class Heavy cruisers (the Broadsider was lowered from Battleship to Heavy cruiser when the new Selani class took the Battleship position a few years earlier) was dispatched to assist the Veratil. When they arrived, they found 2 Janok war destroyers guarding the crippled Veratil. A fight ensued between the Rethian cruisers and the Janok destroyers. After about 10 minutes one of the destroyers had been destroyed and the other was crippled. The Rethians opened a channel to the Janok ship and demanded to know why they had attacked an Rethian exploration vessel. The Janok merely said ‘Any incursion into our space is met with force.’ before self destructing, taking the Veratil with them.
A day after the incident, Consul Foeth convened the Senate and asked for a declaration of war upon this new enemy (they didn’t even know what they were called at the time). It only took 20 minutes for the Senate to make its decision to go to war. They ordered Foeth to gather troops from around the Republic. It took Foeth 3 months to raise his army. It consisted of 20 Selani class Battleships, not including his own modified one, 250 Broadsider heavy cruisers, and nearly 1000 Tian frigates, as well as a myriad of supply and other support vessels. All of this was manned by a little more than 300,000 crewmen along with 10 Legions (roughly 100,000 troops) under the command of Praetor Kalai. This massive invasion force set out in 2197, they would not return home until 2213, 16 years later.
On April 3rd, 2197, the Rethian expeditionary force arrived at the planet where the Veratil was destroyed. They named the planet Veratil after the lost ship. Veratil became the Fleet’s HQ for the war. Before base camp was even set up Foeth started ordering Task groups off on recon missions.
These recon missions were very dangerous for the Rethian crews, given that the Rethians, didn’t know who they’re fighting, didn’t know this enemies capabilities, they didn’t even know where they lived, they only know the general area of their enemy’s territory. Many Rethian ships we’re ambushed by Janok forces over the first month of the war, when the Rethians were finding out just how powerful the Janok were (And they also found out who they were). These missions were eventually called the Dead man’s flight, given that ½ of the ships that went out never came back. By the time the Rethians began offensive actions against Janok holdings they had lost 217 Tian frigates on these missions. On May 10th, 2197, an Rethian task force headed out to conquer the Janok planet of Medusa. They saw how important it was to the Janok border worlds and needed to take it out. But, the Rethians were unprepared for what they would find on that world, they were walking into one of the most disastrous battles in Rethian history.
Medusa is the Janok’s most powerful Border world, a center of trade, and industry as well as a massive military base. With its military garrison of 2 million as well as its population of nearly a billion Janok the planet was by no means an easy target. Even if the Rethians annihilated the 2 million soldiers the population would not accept defeat, they know they couldn’t beat an occupation force, but they could make it cost the Rethians dearly. The Rethians first need to capture the planet before worrying about an occupation, which is easier said than done.
Like other large Janok worlds, Medusa has multiple floating cities and bases hovering over the planet. Medusa has about 50 floating cities as well as 100 smaller, but stronger, floating military bases. These floating cities/bases are the most dangerous Janok defensive installations. Each with its own garrison of troops, factories, power plants, even a shield. They can be entirely self-sufficient when it comes to food and fuel. The only thing the bases can’t produce is raw materials such as metals, since it has no place to mine it, but as long as these bases are supplied with enough raw materials it can produce whatever it needs.
When the Rethians attacked this planet, they brought half of their fleet along with 7 of the 10 legions with them. They easily subdued the Janok fleet in orbit but upon attacking the planet, the Rethian attack nearly ground to a standstill. The bases’ heavy weapons opened fire, tearing apart any capitol sips entering the atmosphere, as well as any troop transports. The Rethian fleet could not bombard the planet with any accuracy without being in range of the planetary defenses nor could they land troops. In the first battle the Rethian fleet was already close to defeat. One invention saved the assault. At the time, the Rethian military didn’t use fighters, rather opting for powerful battleships. A new fighter, made by the famous and revolutionary inventor Lotierre, would change all that. It was the Lancer mk I, the first version of the Rethian fighter used today. The fighter was large and rather slow for a fighter, but it was very heavily armed. It also performed well in planetary atmospheres, making it useful in every situation. As the battle ceased and the Rethian Fleet just blockaded the planet, waiting for orders, Consul Foeth returned to New Earth to request more troops and ships from the senate. After a few days of debate the Consul got his ships, nearly doubling the size of his fleet. He also received 50 more legions (500,000 men) as well as 5 experimental ships, Lotierre’s Granthor class carrier. Each carrier held 10 lancer fighters and had the capability to repair, refit, and rebuild its fighters. These forces turned the tide of the battle.
On September 21st, 2197, after more than 3 months of waiting, the Rethian fleet renewed its attack on Medusa. The fighters lead the attack, tearing into the Janok Bases. Although the bases were prepared for fighter combat, they couldn’t have the same advantage over the small, fast fighters that they did over the huge, slow Capitol ships. The fighters dealt more damage to the floating structures on one day than the whole fleet did from May through August. But, the Rethians’ successes came at a price, fighter losses were near 70% after the first week of fighting. The Rethians fought through these casualties though, they replaced destroyed fighters and their pilots and pressed forward.
After a while of the attacks the Rethians developed a tactic to maximize the damage they could deal to the bases. There were three ways of doing it. The first and most common tactic was for the fighters to swoop in and attack the base. They would fire until they disabled the base’s defensive shield (not the atmospheric one). Then the fighters would ‘paint’ the base for the fleet, which would then move in and blast the base to pieces. The second tactic would be used if the shield generator was heavily reinforced. What the fighters would do is, after failing to disable the shield, would swoop below the station and start taking out its massive anti-gravity generators that keep the station afloat. This tactic is very dangerous given that the engines are surrounded with anti-air guns to keep the fighters away; it also brings the fighters dangerously close to the combat zone of the ground based defensive guns. The advantage of this tactic is it causes the city/base to fall more or less intact, making it destroy whatever it falls on. The third tactic is the most dangerous, but, most useful tactic. The fighters move in to disable the enemy shields and distract the enemy weapons. While this happens, dropships move in and land troops. The base is then left to the Legionnaires to capture.
The Rethians used these tactics and defeated the Floating defenses; it took 1 month, and nearly 200,000 Rethian Crewmen and Legionnaires to destroy/capture these base/cities. They proceeded to the surface of the planet and began the Ground assault. Only 900,000 Janok troops remained of the original 2 million defenders, as the majority of them served on the floating bases. The troop numbers were now roughly even, the Rethians with 550,000 legionnaires and about 475,000 crewmen, and the Janok with their 900,000. It took 2 weeks for the Rethians to conquer Medusa’s capitol city, which brought the planet to surrender.
On November 5, 2197, Medusa was occupied and secured by the Rethian military. The loss of Medusa effectively crippled the Janok forces in the area. With no regional HQ, communication between nearby Janok planets became difficult and lead to their conquest by the Rethian forces. By the end of the year the Rethians had control of 14 Janok planets (not including Medusa), all of which fell under the influence of Medusa. The Rethian control of so many Janok border worlds left a hole in the Janok’s defenses, leaving the core worlds in danger.
On January 3, 2198, the Janok sent a peace envoy to the Rethian HQ on Veratil. The Janok asked for the Rethians to return all occupied Janok worlds back to their control. In return the Janok would allow the Rethians to keep Veratil and the Confederacy would pay for reparations. Their terms were quite fair, they knew they had been beat and were admitting it. Consul Foeth, being young and arrogant, denied the terms of peace. Praetor Kalai protested this decision, but, she could do nothing, the Senate had given Foeth full control of the war. Not only did the war continue unnecessarily, but, it also brought about hostility between Foeth and Kalai.
On January 14, 2198, the Rethians began the assault of the Janok core worlds, but, there was a problem. By this time, the Janok military was fully mobilized, and they were ready to guard the inner worlds down to the last. Consul Foeth charged headlong into the enemy without ever looking back. About a week after Foeth started his charge towards the Janok core worlds the fighting ended up in a stalemate.
15 years later, after the loss of millions of people on both sides as well as tons upon tons of supplies gone, both sides were still fighting strong. It wouldn’t stay that way for long. The Rethians were having trouble keeping their army together. They were running out of resources as well as volunteers. Predictions by the High command as well as the senate assume the stream of resources will begin to falter in 3 months and steadily decline from there.
On March 28, 2213, Consul Foeth and his Task group (His Selani, 4 Broadsiders, and 8 Tians) were leaving the Fleet’s forward command post for the expeditionary force’s HQ Veratil when they were ambushed. The Janok had sent dozens of war destroyers, frigates, cruisers, and even a few battleships to pounce on Foeth. They managed to pull it off by hiding the large force next to a star. Then when the time came to attack they poured out and got Foeth on all sides. He didn’t stand a chance. His entire flotilla was destroyed with all hands and the Janok only suffered minor losses.
The death of Foeth caused chaos in the Admiralty, everyone fought about who would step up as Consul. While that was going on, Praetor Kalai took command of the Expeditionary force and pulled the Rethian forces back to medusa and other surrounding Rethian occupied planets. She went on to initiate peace talks with the Janok. A cease fire was called and negotiations began. It took slightly more than a month to hammer out a treaty, but, on May 2, 2213, the first Rethian-Janok war officially ended. The Rethians were allowed to keep Veratil, but, the Janok got back the rest of the planets and the Janok did not need to pay any reparations. Some people believe that Praetor Kalai informed the Janok when Foeth would be moving towards Veratil so they could kill him. This has never been proved or disproved. All that is known is that had Foeth survived and Praetor Kalai not gained control of the Fleet, the war would have dragged on a lot longer, and would have probably turned out worse for the Rethians. The Casualty count was 3 million Rethians killed, and 4.5 million Janok killed.

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Period between 1st and 2nd Rethian-Janok Wars

The period between the first two Rethian-Janok wars was short (only 10 years), but, the Rethians made significant technological advancements in those years. Most of the advancements were made by one man, Lotierre Nero-Pallin.
Lotierre is to the Rethians what Thomas Edison is to Humans. He was the greatest inventor the Rethian republic had ever seen. He invented a Gold alloy that was easy to work with, very conductive, light weight, yet strong and sturdy. All Republican Naval ships were called back for a refit, having their old armor replaced with the Gold alloy. Another invention of his was a magnetic defense shield that would be installed on the hull of Rethian ships. Its purpose was, when activated, to magnetize the hull, which would cause incoming particle beams to disperse slightly, weakening the beam’s power.
He also designed a number of ships, most civilian such as freighters and shuttles and the like, but he did make an important ship for the navy. It wasn’t the biggest or best armed ship. It was actually very small and weak, but it was incredibly advanced. It was a scout, a ship the navy needed severely. During the 1st Janok war many Rethian ships were destroyed unnecessarily due to the lack of a forward scout. The ships just charged into enemy territory with no idea of the location of the enemy forces, which lead to the destruction of far too many ships. The introduction of this ship would change all of that.

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The 2nd Rethian-Janok War

The first Rethian-Janok war left the Janok Confederacy in shambles; the military was at its weakest point in centuries and the economy was in ruins. The newly elected Janok Chancellor, Vedrim Bagran, a veteran of the first war, wanted revenge. He called upon the High Command to prepare a fleet to strike back at the Rethian republic mainly just to cause as much damage to Rethian territory as possible. While revenge was the main driving force for the war, there were also economic reasons for it. The Rethian republic’s economy was booming, which meant that there would be a lot of wealth to pillage. After 3 months of quietly assembling their forces, the Janok were ready to fight. Their fleet consisted of 70 Malice mk. II class Battleships, 200 Defiler class Cruisers, 350 Slaughter class Destroyers and 1100 Massacre class Escorts. A little more than 600,000 Janok crewed the fleet as it set off for Rethian space.
The Rethians, completely unaware of the impending invasion, carried on in their normal lives, and the military was being very lax. The Janok strike was at the perfect time, the Rethian navy didn’t expect any major conflicts for awhile, so most of the fleet was in drydock, being refitted with the revolutionary technology created by the inventor Lotierre. It is not know if this was just dumb luck for the Janok or an astounding discovery by the Janok intelligence division. All that is known is the Republic was hit very hard in the beginning months of the war.
On June 1st, 2223 the Janok fleet rolled over the most isolated planet in the Rethian republic, the planet Veratil on the Rethian/Janok border. The Janok forces faced barely any resistance, so there assault charged forward and captured 8 more Rethian colonies with just as little resistance.
Upon hearing of the loss of Veratil and the other 8 colonies the Rethian high command scrambled to mount a defence. All Rethian military vessels that were combat worthy were assigned into task groups and sent out to the front line, which was much farther into Rethian territory than the military liked. They did have the home turf advantage but, the collateral damage caused by the fighting would kill Rethian citizens and destroy Rethian infrastructure; anyone could see this was going to be a costly war for the Republic. About 95% of the fleet holding back the Janok forces were either not upgraded, or were pulled out of mothballs to serve the Republic again. Though the fleet was fighting a brand new, well supplied, and well organized Janok force, they still managed to slow the Janok offensive to a crawl. In 6 months the Janok forces only managed to capture 3 more planets, none of which had strategic or economic importance, which is massive decline from the 9 planets they captured in under a week at the start of the war. This stall gave the Rethian shipyards time to finish refitting the majority of the Rethian fleet.
On December 19th, 2223 the refitted Rethian fleet replaced the battered defence force so they could return to base and take on repairs, refits, and to let the crews relax. The ‘new’ Rethian fleet had a much better match up against the Janok fleet. Janok technology hadn’t advanced much since the 1st Rethian-Janok war, unlike Rethian technology. That doesn’t mean it was an easy fight, a Janok’s life is based on combat, so a little technology isn’t going to stop them from fighting a gruesome, bloody, fight.
The new and improved Rethian fleet quickly pushed back the Janok fleet and took the offensive. They systematically reclaimed the twelve Janok occupied planets and started into Janok territory. The invasion pushed into Janok territory, raiding Janok planets to keep their forces occupied so the high command could make a forward HQ. Once the command center was established, the High command called in support troops and the Fleet finally had the capability to capture and hold Janok worlds, they could get their revenge. Starting in February 2224 the Rethian fleet plowed their way through Janok space, within 6 months the fleet was just outside the Janok home world of Hades. Rethian losses were significant, almost 35%, but Janok losses were even higher and with reinforcements the Rethian’s were ready to take on the Janok home world, or so they thought. The outcome of the coming battle leads to the discovery of one of the most shocking betrayals in Rethian history.
On August 29th one of the most complex attacks in Rethian history began. The plan was for a small fleet lead by Admiral Silas Debor Telran equipped with advanced sensor decoys to attack Hades and make it look like they were the main force, drawing the bulk of the Janok fleet away so the real invasion force could charge in from behind and shatter the remaining Janok defense. They assumed that the decoy fleet could keep the Janok forces occupied for 15, maybe 20 minutes. In those short few minutes the main fleet was to smash through the remaining defense and establish a beachhead on Hades before the Janok fleet returned.
The plan kicked off well, or so it seemed. Silas attacked and reported he had drawn off the Janok fleet. At this point the main fleet moved in and easily beat the remaining forces. At this point they started launching dropships when suddenly the main Janok fleet came out of nowhere and bore into the Rethian fleet. It was a massacre, 6 dropships out of hundreds made it to the surface and the surviving troops were quickly captured or killed. Only about 35% of the fleet made it into Rethian occupied space. The Janok suffered only about 50,000 casualties compared to the almost 900,000 lost by the Rethian fleet. Dozens of high ranking officers were killed leaving the military high command decimated. Consul Naitolan and Praetor Aluran were baffled by the utter annihilation of the fleet. Why was their no warning of the Janok fleet returning? There was an investigation into the battle and it was found that Admiral Silas was a traitor; he fed information to the Janok HQ and formed a plan to counter the Rethian attack. When the Admiral drew away the Janok force, he had them leave a small force behind to keep his force busy while the rest of the fleet returned to attack the Rethian fleet at Hades. The investigation dug up dozens of prestigious officers who secretly plotted with Silas to keep the bulk of the Rethian fleet from realizing what was really happening. Silas and 31 of his cohorts were arrested and executed for high treason. The investigators assume there were probably a hundred or so more traitors whom were killed in the fight. This betrayal shocked the republic to its core.
After the defeat and investigation the Rethians went right to the negotiating table. Many officers in the fleet were angry, and they blamed the Janok, not the traitors for what happened to their comrades. So, while the brass was away negotiating with the Janok, many Centurions gathered and moved on the Janok world of Orcus. It was under the control of the Rethians at the moment, but no troops were actually stationed there, so the angry Centurions had no qualms by bombing the planet to dust. Some 75 warships unloaded all their ammunition on the Janok colony, causing about 2 billion Denaras in damage and killing millions of Janok. The attack horrified the negotiating diplomats; both sides now wanted to make peace fast so they could separate their people and prevent future massacres. A treaty was made out in the Rethian’s favor. The Janok were to pay reparations for the war and they were to turn over all their intelligence that pertained to Rethian traitors. Until these were carried out the Republic would remain in control of the captured Janok world; the occupied worlds would pay taxes to the Republic not the Confederacy. With more than a third of their territory either occupied or devastated, it took the Janok decades to pay of their war debts and finally get their territory back.

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The 6 Decade peace

After the Second Rethian-Janok war a long peace ensued between the two Governments. The main driving force for it was mainly that neither side was in the condition for another long war. The outskirts of Rethian space were quite battered and soaked up a lot of the Government’s money for awhile and beside that the core of the Rethian fighting force was torn apart in their ill fated attack on Hades. On the Janok side their economy was in ruins and they had so many war debts they couldn’t raise a coherent fighting force even if they tried.
The first major event during the peace was the creation of one of the most secret Government branches in the Republic, the DIS. The betrayal of so many good officers frightened politicians and military leaders alike. They devised a plan to make an ultra secret force of intelligence agents and commandoes who would operate above the law, the group came to be known as the Department of Internal Security. This group would weave itself into the deepest inner workings of the Republic to weed out traitors at any cost. Rumors spread to the general public about such a force but such claims are thought to be myths. Though their methods are sometimes brutal and frowned upon they are incredibly successful, there haven’t been any successful plots against the Government since the Department was formed.
With the flow of money coming back to the republic from their own territory, the occupied Janok territories, and the Janok Confederacy itself, the Republic started many new projects. The first of which was to create a brand new fleet, even larger than the original; this new fleet would have a new task too, the task of exploration.
Initially the majority of the Republic’s exploration was done by private companies, but, this method was proven slow and ineffective. Companies cut corners and looked only for things that could generate profit. Handing that task over to the Navy solved the problems of private exploration. The large fleet could explore much faster and much more effectively as Military technology is more advanced than what is available for the public, and they weren’t concerned about profit margins.
When the new fleet was finished the Military decided to revise the naval format. Instead of having just one massive fleet, they would break them down into two large fleets with general objectives which are broken down into smaller groups called subfleets with more specific objectives. This Format allowed for 2 Consuls, one for each fleet. The 1st fleet is the Main Command and Exploration fleet. It would lead the offensive forces during a war and during peace most of the fleet would be out exploring. The 2nd fleet was tasked with Defense; during war they would obviously protect Rethian space from attack. During peace a small amount of ships at a time would patrol Rethian space while the rest remained in drydock to keep maintenance costs down.

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Miscellaneous information

Rethian Worlds

Home world: New Earth

Core Worlds (Inner Worlds): New Persephone,

Important Colonies (Outer Worlds, Border Worlds): Veratil

Janok worlds:

Home world: Hades

Core Worlds (Inner worlds): Orcus, Dis, Avernus, Sheol, Gehenna

Important Colonies (Outer Worlds, Border worlds): Cerberus, Shiva, Loki, Medusa, Hatred

Rethian Money

Palli = Lowest Value of Rethian money (equal to about $0.05)
Drachma = 10 Pallus
Denara = 10 Drachma

Rethian Ranks

Rethian Legion Ranks - US army equivalent

Note: Legionnaire and legionary are interchangeable

Recruit - Private E-1
Trooper - Private E-2
Novice Legionaire - Private First Class
Junior Legionaire - Corporal
Legionnaire - Sergeant
Senior Legionnaire - Staff Sergeant
Veteran Legionnaire - Sergeant First Class
Master Legionnaire - Master Sergeant
Command Legionnaire - Sergeant Major
Master Command Legionnaire - Sergeant Major of the army
Warrant Officer 5th Class - Warrant Officer 1
Warrant Officer 4th Class - Warrant Officer 2
Warrant Officer 3rd Class - Warrant Officer 3
Warrant Officer 2nd Class - Warrant Officer 4
Warrant Officer 1st Class - Warrant Officer 5

Ante Lieutenant - 2nd Lieutenant
Sub Lieutenant - 1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant - Captain
Magistrate - Major
Sub Centurion - Lieutenant Colonel
Centurion - Colonel
General - Brigadier General
Ante Commandant - Major General
Sub Commandant - Lieutenant General
Commandant - General
Praetor of the Legions- General of the Army

Rethian Navy Ranks - US navy equivalent

Cadet - Seaman Recruit
Junior Crewman - Seaman Apprentice
Senior Crewman - Seaman
Veteran Crewman - Petty Officer 3rd Class
Basic Officer 3rd Class - Petty Officer 2nd Class
Basic Officer 2nd Class - Petty Officer 1st Class
Basic Officer 1st Class - Chief Petty Officer
Senior Basic Officer - Senior Chief Petty Officer
Master Basic Officer - Master Chief Petty Officer
Command Basic Officer - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
Warrant Officer 5th Class - Warrant Officer 1
Warrant Officer 4th Class - Warrant Officer 2
Warrant Officer 3rd Class - Warrant Officer 3
Warrant Officer 2nd Class - Warrant Officer 4
Warrant Officer 1st Class - Warrant Officer 5

Pilus - Ensign
Sub Tribune - Lieutenant junior grade
Tribune - Lieutenant
Sub Commander - Lieutenant Commander
Commander - Commander
Centurion/Captain - Captain
Commodore - Rear Admiral lower half/Commodore
Sub Admiral - Rear Admiral upper half
Admiral - Vice Admiral
Pro Consul - Admiral
Consul (of the fleet) - Fleet Admiral

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