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Biographical Entry
First Lieutenant Victor "Doomy" -

General Information
Name Victor "Doomy" - -
Position Marine Commanding Officer
Rank First Lieutenant
Species Genetically Modified Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Physical Appearance
Height 6' 2"
Weight 155 lbs.
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Description Tall, slim, slightly athletic, odd eye colour. slightly longer than regulation hair. Likes to glare at people that annoy him.
Genetic modification made him more powerful physically and mentally due to selective gene manipulation.
Personality & Traits
General Overview People often mistake him for a child or a junior officer, rather than a Marine commander, at times he finds it amusing to see them squirm, he doesn’t like it when people acts as if he is just a child.
He has little trust for anyone since his creation. He distrusts scientist and Doctors most of all.
Can be somewhat violent and Impulsive at times, but in others he will be calm and collected.

Victor has a problem of seeing War and death as game, and finds immense fun in fighting, he sees it as the thing that is worth living for, this also makes him a monster at times of fighting, only showing mercy if he sees the fighter as worthy. Victor is increbly loyal to his troops and will take extreme measures to hurt people that injure his troops.

Victor also dislikes talking about his past, or people knowing about it. He will be try and change the subject, but sometimes very rarely to spesific people he can trust, he will talk it over with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Increased Strength and intelligence, little fear, this often leads him to be headstrong at times, or to fight when it is no necessary, he can also have a very short temper and can be violent when angry. He gets more short tempered when he talks about his past.
Ambitions To achieve his purpose, or to find one for himself, he also wants to find the best thing in the world to him, at the moment it it his view that fighting is the one thing that will make him truely happy.

He also likes to investigate the History of peoples obsessions with "Super Humans", he is currently researching documents that record the idea of Nazi "Super Humans" and even before that people that were though of as "Super Human" such as the Giants of Scotland.
Hobbies & Interests Anime, Manga, Duelling, History, Warfare.
Languages Federation Standard, Kanji/ Japenese,German
Created in 2396 as part of a secret project to create Super-Human soldiers in order to Fight the Borg, and later the Cardassians. The project was based upon a theory that Humans are inherently flawed, but parts of their make up is useful, by combeining all these "useful" parts into a spesific Nucleus of a cell which was then forced to grow, it could then be possible to create an army which could be created quickly to destroy the enemies of the federation.

The Project was axed as it was seen as inhumane to create genetically superior soldiers, due to the very nature of the work. Only one prototype was "completed", the Federation let the prototype live since again, it was inhumane to kill. Due to the rapid cellular growth the prototype aged rapidly until due to a fault in the genetic programming the aging stopped permentally. So he looks as if he is the age at which the gene defect started, 16.

The prototype entered Starfleet academy and was able to pass the exams quickly, then go to Sandhurst Officer Training accedmy in England, then he was posted to his first ship the U.S.S. Broadsword, where he was taken his first steps to complteting his "purpose".
Service Record
Father Unknown/None Seen as odd by most, he is know to be a genetic clone, has few friends or relations, since after his creation he trusts nearly no-one. Can be known to say odd things to people.

Has a small collection of Rare weapons in cases in his quarters ranging from two Mauser C36’s, with stabalisers, to sets of custom made hunting rifles and a self propelled rifle.
Mother Unknown/None
Spouse Unknown/None
Brothers Unknown/None
Sisters Unknown/None
Other Relatives Unknown/None
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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