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Biographical Entry
Centurion Felix Tarig-Coran

[On Leave of Absence]
General Information
Name Felix Tarig-Coran
Position Former Commanding Officer
Rank Centurion
Species Rethian
Gender Male
Age 54
Physical Appearance
Height 7' 10"
Weight 220 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color N/A
Description He has the appearance of a large cheetah in a humanoid form. He is lean and slightly muscular, allowing him to be quick and agile compared to just brute strength. His fur has the traditional golden-yellow color with the black spot, although around his muzzle and on the tips of his ears his fur is graying from age.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Despite his somewhat fearsome appearance, Felix is very friendly and slightly eccentric. He was initially an engineer before moving up to command so he loves talking about the most recent advances in technology.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Intelligent, experienced, and a well trained fighter.

Weaknesses: Aging, can be somewhat paranoid
Ambitions Invent something to get him recognized
To help turn the very basic treaty the Rethian Republic and the Federation have into a blooming alliance.
Hobbies & Interests Likes tinkering with things, reading, history, the holodeck
Languages Federation Standard, Rethian
Felix was born on New Persephone, the most heavily populated planet in Rethian space aside from the capitol, New Earth. He lived in the Coran clan’s sector of the planet, a mass of land about the size of Alaska. His father was the commander of the Coran clan’s militia in the New Persephone system and his mother was (and still is) the Tarig tribe representative to the clan’s ruling council. At the age of 18 Felix went to the New Persephone institute of technology and acquired a Ph.D in warp theory and advanced starship design.

It was at this point Felix joined the military. Due to his advanced training in starship operations they let him bypass the military academy and allowed him to receive field tactical training on one of his clan’s militia vessels. After 6 months of service on the patrol ship Gibraltar he went to the military academy and took a final test which granted him his commission and made him a Pilus in the Rethian naval forces. He was assigned to the ARV Grall, a Matan class patrol ship, as a simple engineer. It was a rather boring assignment as the Grall only patrolled around the Rethian core worlds. Felix did prove himself a very capable officer though and was given a promotion to Sub Tribune and the position of Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

After a year and a half on the Grall, Felix received a transfer to the ARV Granthor, the flagship of the first fleet and captained by none other than Consul Lothar himself, the most powerful and respected military leader in Rethian history. He was given the position of Chief Engineering Officer and a promotion to full Tribune, he later found out he was specifically requested by the Consul due to his extensive education which was more in depth than the standard engineering training provided at the academy.It was on the Granthor Felix met most of his friends, Commander Borin, Tribune Lorgan, and he even befriended the Consul.

Felix was overjoyed to serve on such a fine ship; It was part of the new Granthor mk. III class fleet carriers that were replacing the old mk. II model. He finally went on some real missions, with real challenges, most of which he excelled in. After serving for two years on the Granthor, at the age of 27, he received a promotion to sub Commander and filled the second officer role as well as his CEO position. In the next year Felix performed many missions, the most important of which was saving the Republic’s foreign minister to the Val’Grag Union when his shuttle suffered massive system failures while passing through a system with a very volatile star at its center. He managed to navigate a modified shuttle through the intense solar flares and radiation bursts the sun was emitting and tractor the foreign minister to safety. He received the Naval Cross for valor and was promoted to the rank of Commander. However, his promotion came only days before one of the worst incidents in Rethian history.

The day after his promotion a border patrol ship encountered what appeared to be a Terran imperial ship. The ship’s Captain upon properly identifying it destroyed the ship without warning as protocol stated. After the encounter with this ship fear the Republic hadn’t know for centuries arose again. The military was brought to full alert and the first fleet was stationed in systems adjacent to where the Terran ship was destroyed. They were ready to go forth, find, and destroy any Terrans they found, but, the Senate and the Clan Council were both still debating on what to do about the Terran threat when another Terran ship arrived and started investigating the wreck of the first. The Granthor and it’s escorts warped out to destroy the vessel, but, Lothar realized they would need intelligence on the Terrans so he cripple the ship and sent in boarding parties.

Commander Felix and Borin lead the assault forces. The battle lasted for days, but the Rethians couldn’t capture the ship, and eventually, Felix was captured. He was informed by the ship’s Captain that they were not members of the Terran Empire but members of some Federation. Felix was doubtful at first, but, after the humans and Rethians sat down to talk, they learned there was no Terran Empire anymore. Apparently when the Terran Empire first ravaged the republic and the remaining Rethians fled back in time, they not only went back in time, they entered an entirely new dimension. Lothar warned the Humans to stay away from Rethians space, as it would take much time for them to digest this information.

The knowledge rocked the Republic to its core. Massive debates split the Republic, some believed the humans were truly peaceful here, others thought they should just annihilate the humans, just in case. Felix watched as the Republic slowly ate away at itself. The fierce debate reached it’s climax in the Admiral Heldar Rebellion.

Admiral Heldar, a major supporter of the anti Terran side of the debate, decided to take matters into his own hands. He assembled a fleet of just under 100 ships and moved to attack the Federation. The Granthor lead a fleet 300 ships strong to intercept the rogue force. Their mission was to stop the rebels at any cost, and after attempting every possible peaceful solution the loyalist fleet was forced to open fire on the rogues. Nearly 50 ships were destroyed and twice as many damaged.

Having to participate in the slaughter of his own kind tore at Felix. He could barely sleep for weeks, and when he did he would have horrifying nightmares. A hatred for the Terrans formed inside him after this incident, though after many years he realized it wasn’t the Terrans fault, it was the Rethians’ own paranoia that led to that massacre.

To make things worse the Janok, a violent race that has a large empire bordering Rethian space, took notice of the internal fighting in the Rethian Republic and decided to take the advantage. They declared war and immediately started conquering outlying Rethian colony worlds.

Felix had not taken advanced tactical training, as he hadn’t attended the academy and the Navy hadn’t expected a full scale war anytime soon. He would, however need these skills so he received intense training on the way to the front. They turned Felix from a peaceful engineer to a cold and efficient killing machine.

The Granthor participated in dozens of major battles as well as many other smaller skirmishes. After the two sides finally came to a truce three years later (with the Janok only gaining a few minor colonies). After the war, the Granthor returned to the New Earth shipyards to receive extensive repairs and refitting. The ship’s entire crew was let off on paid leave. It was on this leave Felix met his wife, Visriala. They met at a lecture on theoretical slipstream drive technology. They immediately hit it off and after 6 months they were married.

In the year 2391 the Granthor finally left drydock under the commander of newly promoted Centurion Borin. The Granthor was no longer the first fleet’s flagship, it was replaced by the new Warhammer class Command Dreadnought. Felix moved up to become the Granthor’s XO.

The next seven years were rather quiet. Though, in 2399, the Janok Empire was getting restless and the Republic found itself fighting in the fourth Rethian-Janok war. Though she wasn’t the flagship anymore, the Granthor was still a very important ship and served in many battles. By the end of the war in 2401 the Rethians had reclaimed what little territory they lost in the previous war.

Nothing of any real interest happened in the next 9 years, Felix remained serving on the aging Granthor as XO. In 2410 however, the Rethian senate passed a bill that the presidents confirmed. It was an act that would finally reestablish contact with the human Federation and the other races of the alpha quadrant. An envoy was sent and the information he brought back was a surprise to all, The alpha quadrant was decimated. Peaceful interaction with what was left of the Federation was approved and an officers exchange program was initiated. Felix was offered a command on a Federation ship, the Broadsword. He accepted. Felix was to become the first Rethian captain of a Federation ship.
Father Goran (Deceased)
Mother Jessia
Spouse Visriala (Ria)
Brothers Keldir
Sisters Neris, Asrael
Other Relatives Many, the Tarig tribe is large for a post-Rethian civil war tribe.
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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