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Biographical Entry
Commander Malcolm Rivers

General Information
Name Malcolm Putnam Rivers
Position Executive Officer
Rank Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 42
Physical Appearance
Height 5' 9"
Weight 180 lbs.
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Blond
Description Malcolm is a heavy set man with short blond hair and a bull dog face.
Personality & Traits
General Overview Malcolm is a hard ass, there are no two ways around it. His time as an engineer has made him expect near perfection from those serving under him. On and Off duty Malcolm hold high expectations for those serving under him. Off duty Malcolm keeps to himself, reserved and away from the crew. Many of the horrors Malcolm witnessed during the borg war still eat at Malcolm, and draw him further and further from those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Malcolm commands respect from those under his command as well as his superiors. Because he holds such high expectations he often pushes crews to the edge and back. Malcolm is also an excellent engineer, and as such knows exactly what a vessel can and can’t do, and treats crews accordingly.

Many of the things Malcolm saw during the borg war have torn him apart. He has earned commendation for service on more then one occasion, but 17 years of near perpetual war fare have left him cold and detached. Malcolm has trouble relating with crews beyond enforcing orders.

Since his time in the war, Malcolm has become a heavy drinker, and while he has never allowed this vice to interfere with his duties, he has shown self destructive tendencies.
Ambitions Malcolm wants to serve his time in the federation, and then settle down on a remote colony world. Any dreams of power left Malcolm during his service in the war.
Hobbies & Interests
Languages Federation Standard
Malcolm was born to a family of Snipes, his mother and father were both engineers on ships of the line during the Dominion war, and Malcolm had to learn at a very early age that he might have to face loosing one of his parents. Malcolm’s mother and father were both very conservative in their views, believing that people should be held accountable for what they did. Malcolm was also taught to think of things in terms of black and white, there was no room for grey in society, you were right or you were wrong.

It seemed only natural to Malcolm to enter Starfleet academy, and fallow in his Parents foot steps as engineers. Malcolm had picked up his parents knack for engineering, and graduated from the academy with high honors.

During his first posting on the USS Longhorn Malcolm’s views often clashed with the chief engineer, and while he would never say it to his face, he thought the man was completely incompetent.

After over a year Malcolm requested a transfer, and was shipped to onboard the USS Horus, and intimidator class, under Admiral Cain. The Horus was a tightly run ship, shifts worked like clock work, engineers worked in tandem to keep things in order, and Malcolm finely began to develop a niche. During his time on the Horus, Malcolm was often assigned to bridge duty, and began to establish a working relationship with the admiral. He had a sincere admiration for the admiral, who he saw as a perfectionist, always knowing exactly what she wanted.

Malcolm moved through the ranks on the Horus gradually gaining more and more influence in the engine room. As the Borg war dragged on, and the Horus went longer and longer with out re-supplying Malcolm took on more and more integral roles, taking command of engineering for extended durations. The chief engineer often said that Malcolm had the engine room running like clock work, the LT commander was quoted as calling Malcolm, “one of the best Damn snipes” he’d ever seen.

Things continued to worsen on the ship, as the federation engaged in a perpetual retread from an ever advancing borg threat. One day during an orbital defense engagement, two cubes pinned the Horus, and nearly destroyed the ship. In the process over 100 crewmen and nearly 20 officers lost their lives including the executive officer, and the chief engineer. Malcolm was forced to take control of the engine room.

As the War dragged on Malcolm found himself filling more and more positions, taking on roles he hadn’t been properly trained for, all the while watching his friends die in battle. More and more things began to toll on him, and more and more he began to dip into depression, fighting what felt like a war that would never end in battles they could never win.

Depression turned to anger, anger at himself, and at those around him. Admiral Cain had become delusional and attempted to ram the ship into a borg Cube. The first officer had no choice but to relieve her, and take command. Malcolm Began to drink heavily, unable to deal with the death which stalked the ship.

With the Horus short on Officers, Malcolm was given a field promotion to second executive officer. He was part of a new generation of command officers, never formally trained or certified, but Starfleet academy simply couldn’t train replacements fast enough. Already traumatized by the unrelenting scourge of war, Malcolm was now forced to take the responsibilities of command, something he had never aspired to do.

Then, one day, what was left of the world came crashing down. The USS Horus was destroyed by two Borg Tactical Cubes. Malcolm was one of five crew members to survive, picked up by the USS Sophia, and drafted into service as chief engineer, and executive officer.

Life on the Sophia was far different from the Horus. Life was harder; the ship was perpetually low on parts and supplies. The Commanding officer, a young commander, knew virtually nothing about strategy, moral was dangerously low, but some how, they always made it through. Malcolm never had the same love he had for the Horus, and he was driven further into depression.

In the final battle of the Borg war, the Sophia was destroyed. Three personnel including Malcolm made it off, but that was it, the fighting was finally over, the war was fought and won.

Malcolm was Transferred to the Dauntless, taking on the role of executive officer, a role he felt he was unprepared for, but with most of earth’s infrastructure in chaos, and few true officers left in the fleet, Malcolm had little say in the matter. As far as Starfleet was concerned he was a seasoned commander, and he would fill that role.

After Five years on the Dauntless, Malcolm was transferred to the Dresden, where he would serve as executive officer. The ship would take part in a number of battles against the Cardassian union, before being pulled from the line for Refit. It was during this time that the ship was destroyed.

Starfleet made the decision to pull resources, and transfer the Dresden Crew through out the fleet. Malcolm was promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander, and assigned to the newly constructed Akira Class the USS Broadsword.
Service Record
2386: Academy Cadet
June: Assigned Engineering officer USS Longhorn [Defiant] Ensign
August: Transferred to USS Horus [Intimidator Class] ensign
July: Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
January: Field promotion to Assistant chief engineer USS Horus
November: field Promotion to Chief engineer USS Horus
March: Promotion to Lieutenant
April: Granted Field position of second executive officer
February: Horus Destroyed Transferred to USS Sophia [defiant class]
February: Chief engineer/executive officer USS Sophia
January: Sophia Destroyed transferred to USS Dauntless [Von Braun Class]
January: Executive officer USS Dauntless
May: Transferred to USS Dresden [Galaxy Class]
May: Executive officer USS Dresden
August: USS Dresden taken off active duty for refit
October: USS Dresden Destroyed
December: Transferred to USS Broadsword [Akira Class]
December: Promoted to Lieutenant commander
December: Executive officer USS Broad sword
Father Jeremy Rivers
Mother Ann Rivers
Spouse None
Brothers Adam [MIA], John [KIA]
Sisters None
Other Relatives Grandson of Famous fleet Admiral Johnathon Rivers who was placed in command of the Pronatera front during the First Cardassian war.
No Awards
Personnel Logs
Recent Logs None posted!
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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