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USS Broadsword History

The first ship to be given the name of Broadsword was a British frigate. She saw battle in both the Revolutionary war, and the war of 1812. She was decommissioned in 1814 after receiving severe damage in a skirmish with an American ship.

The next ship to bear the name Broadsword was a battleship. She was built in 1910 in the military buildup leading to World War I. The Broadsword fought in many battles throughout the war and made it through in one piece, but she didnít survive through the second world war. The Broadsword was sunk by a German U-Boat in 1940, while valiantly defending Britain from the attacking Naziís.

The name Broadsword finally reappeared several centuries later on one of the Federationís Constitution class cruisers. This broadsword served for a good 50 years before being decommissioned. She only saw a little action in the Klingon war and the rest of her service was peaceful missions.

The next broadsword was one of the top of the line Sovereign class warships, and she was commissioned right in time. The Borg war was in its initial phases and the Broadsword was declared the flagship of the 3rd fleet. Under the command of Vice Admiral Erwin Reinhard, the 3rd fleet charged to the defense of Khitomer, but the fleet was brutally beaten back. They fell back to Betazed, then to Vulcan, and then Andoria, then Alpha Centari then back to Earth itself. By the time the 3rd fleet returned to the defense of earth, only 7 ships remained, of the once mighty 3rd fleet. The broadsword and every remaining ship the Federation had fought the good fight at earth, and won the day. But, the Broadsword did not make it through; she went down with all hands in that final battle.

The most recent ship to bear the name Broadsword is an Akira class. She was just recently commissioned and will be commanded by Commander Felix, an exchange officer from the Animal Republic.
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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