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Expedition Fleet Rules
You must observe good simming conduct while onboard The Broadsword, failure to do some will result in disciplinary action.

USS Broadsword Rules
As well as following all Expedition Fleet rules and regulations, members of the Broadsword are held to the expectation that they will post at least once a week, and hopefully much more frequently than such. Members who post on average less than this may find themselves warned, or demoted, and members who go for two or more weeks without posting may find themselves remove from the SIMM completely. We value our members, and we cannot afford to have players taking up high-demand positions if they are not posting frequently.

Members of the Broadsword are each expected to possess either AIM, MSN messenger, or YIM. Failure to integrate and communicate with your CO and fellow crew members does not facilitate the fun and engaging story that The Broadsword aims to create.

All Members are expected to have read the Broadsword timeline all biographies must be compatible with this time line

A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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