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Name USS Broadsword
Registry NCC 70542
Class Akira
Role Heavy Cruiser
Fleet Expedition Fleet
Expected Duration 80 Years
Time Before Refit 20 Years
Time Before Resupply 1 Years
Length 464.43 Meters
Width 316.67 Meters
Height 87.43 Meters
Decks 19
Standard Compliment 520 (80 officers, 240 enlisted, 200 Marines, and 0civilians)
Emergency Capacity 4500
Standard Cruise Velocity Warp 6
Maximum Cruise Velocity Warp 9.3
Emergency Max Velocity Warp 9.98 for 12 hours
Quantum Slip Stream Generator Mark III Spatial Dilation generator
Safe Tested Operation time 12 Hours
Phasers 3 Type X phaser arrays
Torpedo Launchers 15 Pulse fire torpedo tubes (9 Forward 4 Aft 1 port 1 starboard)
Torpedo Compliment 400 Photon Torpedoes
600 Quantum Torpedoes
70 Hellfire Torpedoes
40 Transphasic Warheads
40 Heavy Plasma Torpedoes
10 Tricobalt Devices
Energy Cannons 2 type III Energy Cannons
Shields Ablative Armour Type I
Ablative Armour Type II
Multi Layered Shielding System
Starfleet / Romulan Cloaking Device
Shuttlebays 1 (Runs through the saucer section)
Shuttles And Run abouts Shuttles and Runabouts
Ground craft Ground Vehicle Specifications
Fighters 5 x Falcon Class Advanced tactical scouts
8 x Viper Mark I Fighters
20 x Viper Mark II Fighters
A Proud Member of Expedition Fleet!

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