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The Borg War [2380-2398]

New Beginnings... [2380-2382]
The Invasion [2382-2386]
Counterattacks [2386-2388]
Borg Retribution [2388-2392]
The Inner Core [2392-2398]
The Battle of Sol [2398-2400]

New Beginnings...

2380 brought the start of what many believed would become a new golden age for galactic peace. The Federation was securing itself as a stable power, and its influences were reaching felt across the galacy. Many governments were at peace or allied with the Federation. The Federation’s influences continued to spread into every corner of the galaxy. There wasn’t a part of the Milky Way were at least one Starfleet ship was passing the Federation Gospel to new races or to old acquaintances. Starfleet also increased its officer exchange program with other powers including the Romulans, Ferengi, Klingons and Cardassians.

A new Ally

On May 12th, the Federation’s role as a galactic super power seemed to be confirmed when a single Dominion attack ship entered the Alpha Quadrant, docked at Deep Space Nine and announced they had come to offer lasting peace to the Federation and Klingons from the Dominion. The Founder onboard was Odo, who was eager for mutual cooperation between solids and changelings. This was a sign to many that peaceful co-existence between the Gamma and Alpha Quadrants was possible and many Federation officials accepted the offer with open arms. Starfleet Command uneasily accepted a meeting between top Federation and Dominion leaders. The Klingons were less than hopeful, but Chancellor Martok saw the possibilities of peace with the once-hated foe, as well as the inherent dishonor if he didn't accept. Five days later, the Negh'Var, along with six other Klingon warships arrived at DS9 with Martok on board. They met Federation President Nanietta Bacco aboard the USS Enterprise-E, escorted by the USS Defiant, USS T’Kumbra, USS Gryphon, USS Cerberus and USS Luna. The following morning, they passed though the wormhole and were met by Odo, whom they followed to a nearby Dominion Star base. One week later, the Federation and Klingon ships returned to the Alpha Quadrant, with the Alpha/Gamma Peace Accords in their hands.

The Ruins of Post Dominion War Cardassia

The allied rebuilding of Cardassia had progressed rapidly, and by mid 2381 Cardassia Prime was once again a bustling center of commerce, with an economy driven by a renewed interest in the arts and culture of ancient Cardassia. Legate Garak worked with the Allied powers to rebuild the shattered Cardassian people. Cardassia remained a non-factor militarily, the few warships which survived the Dominion War operated with minimal crews, with most of the Union’s resources going to rebuilding the planet’s infrastructure.
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The Invasion

The First encounter of the New Borg Threat as Recorded by the USS York Town

On the June 1st, 2382, Starfleet Intelligence received word of a massive advance by an unknown force into Na'kuhl space in the Beta Quadrant. Starfleet issued orders to pull ships out of the area, not wanting to risk involvement in the war of another species. Five days later, word reached Admiral Lane that the unknown power involved was in fact an armada of sixteen Borg Cubes, which had ransacked the Na'kuhl and completely assimilated their home world. The admiral ordered the USS Yorktown to investigate the situation, taking elements of the third fleet’s Task Force Two with it.

The Yorktown Investigates
Four weeks passed, and nothing was heard from the Yorktown or Task Force Two. Admiral Lane was preparing the Tiger Claw to personally investigate the situation when a faint emergency distress call came from deep with in Na'kuhl space, “Invasion, send help…” along with a sensor burst revealing over 40 cubes in the area. Admiral Lane immediately reported this new development to Starfleet Command.

The Federation Alliance went on a fleet-wide red alert as they prepared for the possibility of the Borg striking deeper into the Beta Quadrant. Elements from Starfleet’s Ninth and Seventh Fleets were met by the Klingon 242nd Battle Squadron at the edge of Na'kuhl space. On August 3rd, 2382, they were engaged by the Borg. The Allied fleet compromised of more than four hundred combat designed ships that were met by nearly fifty Borg ships; eighteen of which were Cubes while the rest were spheres. Starfleet ships took the lead and opened fire using transphasic torpedoes to destroy the Borg armada. The Borg force was decimated. As the crews of the Allied Fleets cheered, a second wave of Borg ships; this time composed of Tactical Cubes and Spheres arrived. Once again transphasic torpedoes were employed by the allied fleet but the fear the Borg would adapt to them was realized. Nine Tactical Cubes escorted by twenty six Spheres had entered the system but were unaffected by Starfleet’s most powerful weapon.

Federation and Klingon Forces prepare to engage the Borg

The Borg pushed the combined forces further and further into Na'kuhl space, inflicting massive damage on the Allied ships. The last communication from the USS Isis indicated that the fleet was going to attempt to destroy the Borg ships by triggering a solar flare, however no further communications were received, and the ships were assumed lost.

The Klingon Empire sent more then half of their ships to their borders and began fortifying every one of their star systems. The Romulan Star Empire kicked their ship building back into high gear and set up a massive sensor network through their space. Starfleet considered the Na'kuhl a loss and ordered any remaining ships in the Beta Quadrant to fall back to the Alpha Quadrant. Elements of the second fleet evacuated several colonies in the area and dismantled their bases of operations near the Na'kuhl border.

Romulan Forces Prepare to Engage the Borg

In early 2385, many members of the Federation believed the Borg advance in Na'kuhl space was test of the Alpha Quadrant’s readiness to address an invasion. Those beliefs were shattered on February 6th as over 100 Borg vessels entered Romulan space and attacked their outpost at Sharona 5. The Romulans sent a fleet of six hundred and seventeen ships to defend the planet. Many were Warbirds who were supported by refitted D7 Battlecruisers. The fleet intercepted the Borg and engaged. The Romulans put up a good fight, and destroyed more than eighty nine enemy ships. However, the Borg were too much and the fleet was defeated with many Warbirds having to retreat back to Romulus. Sharona was assimilated, and the Star Empire was thrown into a state of panic.

The USS Gantry flees from a Borg Fleet

Two months later on April 7th, the Borg lumbered on towards their next target; the Klingon Empire. The Borg entered Klingon space and were met by the Klingon Defense Force at Klach D'kel Brakt with a force of one thousand three hundred and twenty nine warships, led by K'rahl Sa', commander of the Klach D'kel Brakt Armored Station. Once again the Borg encountered heavy resistance and were unable to effectively overcome the Klingons in hand-to-hand combat situations when they boarded Klingon vessels. Only seven Borg ships survived the assault; a single Tactical Cube leading a task group of Spheres and Probes. The Klingons were completely wiped out. The armored station was destroyed and the planet was assimilated. Chancellor Martok was outraged, with nearly one-third of all Klingon ships lost at Klach D'kel Brakt, his options were limited. He recalled three quarters of all remaining ships to the Qo’noS system to defend their home world and vital shipbuilding and research bases. Martok then sent Starfleet Captain and Federation Ambassador Worf back to Earth with a special mission: request Official Federation membership for the Klingon Empire. The reason was simple; together they might have a chance to beat the Borg. The Federation Council accepted on the spot. Starfleet re-commissioned the Enterprise-E and gave command to Captain Worf, with Admiral Picard returning to his old ship as mission advisor. The Enterprise would lead a relief force consisting of forty two starships mostly from the Fifth Fleet to Qo’noS. The fleet brought medical supplies, food, over five hundred orbital defense weapons platforms, and other resources the Klingons would soon need. In return, fifty seven Klingon transports and freighters, escorted by a dozen Birds of Prey headed into Federation space. A Klingon shipyard started construction at Utopia Planitia, and an armored star base was built in Earth orbit, opposite to Space Dock One, to help defend against the interior attack Humans were fearful of.

The Cardassian Fleet Joins the Federation in engaging the Borg

On October 3rd, a single Borg Cube entered the Alpha Quadrant via the Iconian Portal in sector 1012 near to Federation star base Deep Space Twelve which had just finished its tactical refits and upgrades. The station engaged the Cube as it went flying past and headed towards the Cardassian Union. DS12 sent a message to all Allied forces in the area and the Cardassians. The Union had been rebuilding at an impressive rate come 2384 and amassed a small fleet and a complex interplanetary defense systems. They sent a fleet of seventy nine ships (mainly Keldon-class cruisers) to take on the Cube. The Cardassians were successful in fighting back the Cube, with a loss of only twenty two ships insuring no Borg drones set foot on to Cardassian soil. The Cardassians agreed to aid in the fight with the Borg, and commit their remaining forces to the mutual defense of the Quadrant against the Borg. A week later, Legate Garak arrived at Deep Space Nine and the Cardassian Union was officially granted membership in the United Federation of Planets.

The Cardassian Centurion

Once the Cardassians joined the Federation, they quickly established a base of operations around Earth, constructing an advanced robotics facility. This facility enabled the Cardassians to produce their powerful dreadnaught warheads for use against the Borg threat. The Cardassians had also been experimenting in an advanced autonomous defensive droid. A prototype drone had been created using information stolen from the Federation records on Voyager. The concept was a simplistic automaton to be used for defense of ships and stations. Using projectile weapons in addition to phasers, and having a simple enough computer system to resist Borg attempts at assimilation, the centurion represented a massive step forward. Centurions were deployed through out the Federation fleet, and while many captains felt uncomfortable about supplementing security forces with what they lovingly dubbed “Toasters,” the Cardassian devices were far more effective at repelling Borg attacks then traditional security forces. The centurions became commonplace through out the fleet, and greatly assisted in fighting off the Borg.

The Cardassian scientists that developed the centurion unit developed a heavier combat unit know as the Leviathan in concert with Federation researchers. These units would take on a planetary defense role, and be used to defend against both shuttle, light fighter, and ground artillery assault while marine forces facilitated the evacuation of civilians. The Leviathan was developed with Federation researches, and had a much broader armament then their smaller counterparts. The Leviathan employed an advanced directional Gatling weapon, charged particle cannon, and a compliment of 18 photon missiles. While not produced in the same massive numbers as the centurions, the heavy combat units were unquestionably effective in holding back Borg advances on several Federation colonies.

Two weeks after the Cardassians joined the Federation, several elements of the Ninth Fleet were recalled from the Gamma Quadrant and assigned to defend Bajor. The colony on Altor 2 in that quadrant was abandoned, and Deep Space Fourteen was stripped of anything useful and destroyed to keep it from falling into alien hands. Task Force Eighteen returned through the Bajoran Wormhole, while other portals were sealed by matter/anti-matter detonations.

Two months later on December 5th, just under twenty Breen ships arrived at Deep Space Nine. They reported that the Borg had attacked them, wiped out a majority of their fleet and destroyed their home world. Their Energy Dissipater weapons held the Borg off at first, but the technology was quickly assimilated. The USS Archer with two other Federation ships escorted four Breen warships and several of their freighters to Star Base 375 where they would head to Earth under the escort of more Federation ships. Three days later, elements from the Seventh Fleet arrived at Deep Space Nine. They arrived just in time, as three Tactical Cubes entered Bajoran space and opened fire. When Starfleet Command heard of the attack, they ordered Admiral Robert Chadwick to pass though the Bajoran Wormhole and request aid from the Dominion. In the interim, two of the Borg ships were destroyed and the third appeared to fall back. Starfleet had lost one hundred and twelve ships from the 7th Fleet in a disastrous engagement.

The Borg invaded Ferengi space late in 2385. Many Ferengi fled into Federation space joining the growing number of refugees. On 1st January, 2386, Grand Nagus Rom fled from Ferenginar with a fleet of nineteen Ferengi ships being chased by four Borg Cubes. Starfleet had over two hundred and fifty ships already stationed in the Bajor system and were ready for the approaching Borg force. They engaged the Borg, but soon found the Borg had made significant improvements to their own defenses.

A Cardassian Leviathan

At the height of the battle, the wormhole opened, and nearly four thousand Dominion ships emerged, led by Admiral Chadwick's USS Farragut. With the help of the Dominion, a race the Borg had never encountered, the attacking Cubes were quickly destroyed and the Bajoran system saved, again. Starfleet allowed the Dominion to set up a base of operations in the Dreon System near Bajor as well as a shipyard and cloning facility at Utopia Planitia. The Federation clearly saw that the key to the survival of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants lay with their Dominion allies.

In June of 2386, the Borg launched a massive assault into the Federation. The Yukon system contained several outlying colony worlds near Tarsaunus III. The Borg sent in a force of 5 Tactical Cubes, as well as 10 Cubes, and 20 Probes and Spheres. The Fourth Fleet engaged the Borg, while civilians evacuated the surrounding colonies. The Borg easily tore through the Fourth Fleet, destroying the evacuation ships. This terrible loss shook the Federation to the core. After the slaughter at the Yukon, the Borg fell back into the areas they’d captured.

On June 8th, the Borg launched their second offensive against the Romulan Star Empire. They ripped though the Romulan forces at Hapor 4 and headed for Romulus itself. The Romulans had setup a massive orbital defense network in their home world’s system and constructed of several Scimitar-Class warbirds. All Subspace contact with the romulans was lost for nearly a week after the Borg entered their territory.

Romulan Forces prepare to engage the Borg

Concerned more for their own security than for their Romulan allies, Starfleet sent the two task forces from the Third Fleet along with sixty two Dominion vessels to Qualor 2 to be ready if the Borg continued forward beyond Romulan space. At this time, a major evacuation of the Qualor system began and Deep Space Six's crew was ordered to deploy a massive minefield in and around the Qualor system.

The Romulan Fleet Arrives At Sol

Within days, contact was lost with Deep Space Four and Deep Space Five. Captain Riker on the USS Titan was sent to find out why. The Titan reported both stations destroyed and Borg ships inbound. It was the last transmission ever received from the vessel. While a Federation/Dominion fleet rushed toward the last known location of the Titan, thirty nine Romulan ships arrived at Earth led by the Romulan Star Navy's flagship; the IRV Valdore under the command of Admiral Tebok. Aboard the Valdore were the remaining Romulan Senators and Ambassador Spock. The Romulans soon became the newest Federation member.
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The Borg Unimatrix

On September 2nd, the USS Lavigne was patrolling the former Romulan Neutral Zone with two Romulan Scouts. Deep within the Bassen Rift, they located a new Borg Transwarp Hub. The three craft swiftly returned to Earth and reported this to Starfleet Command. A mission was planned to distract the Borg armada and to send a small strike force though the Hub to attack the Unimatrix and deliver a destructive pathogen to the Collective in hopes of stopping the Borg.

Just over eight hundred Dominion ships launched an offensive against the Borg fleet in orbit of Remus. In the first few minutes the overwhelming force of the Dominion armada destroyed almost two thirds of the Borg fleet. The Borg were unwilling to lose their grip on the Romulus system. Fourteen out of the seventeen ships guarding the Transwarp Hub were drawn into the battle, leaving the hub protected only by a single Cube and two Spheres.

A Borg Transwarp Hub

Due to the nature of the Bassen Rift the Allied task group was able to sneak by the remaining Borg forces undetected. The Klingon/Romulan force of twenty six ships, lead by Nu'Daq Sa' of the IKS Maht-H'a, with mission advisor and former USS Voyager crewmember Lieutenant Commander Annika Hansen (Seven of Nine) aboard entered the Hub. After departing from a transwarp aperture in the Delta Quadrant the Allied fleet neared Unimatrix Zero One. As they approached, they launched ten Cardassian Dreadnought Missiles. Six of these carried Trilithum warheads and targeted the suns of six known Borg worlds. These Dreadnoughts were specially outfitted with modified Romulan cloaking devices to keep them from being detected. The other four were armed with high yield photonic charges and aimed at shipyards in the area. The attack was a success. Within moments, the Borg lost over fifty percent of their ship building capacity in the quadrant. Seconds later, the targeted stars went nova, taking with them the Borg worlds and approximately seven hundred billion drones.

A Cardassian Dreadnaught streaks towards its target

Meanwhile, the combined Romulan/Klingon strike force launched their second attack; this time against Unimatrix Zero One itself. A single Klingon Bird of Prey de-cloaked, and fired a powerful tachyon burst at the central Borg structure which knocked its shields offline long enough for several squads of Jem'Hadar soldiers who were all bred to carry a neurolytic pathogen to beam aboard. The Jem’Hadar had been instructed on how to disable the sensors and shielding of the Unimatrix before they themselves were assimilated. The Federation-Dominion designed pathogen began to spread throughout the Collective at a rapid speed. The Dominion had engineered the virus to remove the Borg’s ability to assimilate drones and technology. At the same time, the neurolytic pathogen infected the Unimatrix’s drones, causing disruption to their electrical signals, as well as interference with the interlinks between their organic and cybernetic components.

This massive disruption gave the Allied task force enough time to make sure the Unimatrix was destroyed before they re-entered the Borg’s transwarp network. Several Romulan Warbirds had been outfitted with Federation high yield Tricobalt torpedoes for use against the Unimatrix. The Klingon fleet, meanwhile, used the technique of de-cloaking near to unprotected Borg ships, beaming over a single photon torpedo near a power conduit, detonating the torpedo, and then re-cloaking. Over nineteen Borg ships were heavily crippled through this tactic before the full scope of the situation was realized.

As the Unimatrix started to explode, four Tactical Cubes which hadn’t been affected by the pathogen entered the area, forcing the Allied fleet to retreat through the nearest transwarp aperture. The Transwarp Hub’s network of interspatial manifolds’ force fields had already been disabled by the destruction and death of the Borg Queen at Unimatrix Zero One. After the strike force entered the transwarp hub, a combination of photon, quantum, plasma and tricobalt torpedoes were fired at the manifolds causing a cascade reaction. However, a single tactical cube quickly intercepted the Allied fleet through another transwarp conduit and began to destroy them one at a time. The IKS Maht-H'a turned back and engaged the Cube inside the corridor, allowing nineteen Klingon and Romulan ships to return home before the entire network collapsed. Last sensor recordings indicated the Maht-H'a had moved into another conduit near to an aperture in the Delta Quadrant; the Borg Cube itself had been crushed as the network imploded. This was the Allies’ first major victory over the Borg, and is seen by some to be the turning point of the war.
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Borg Retaliation

On May 16th, the Borg threat returned as the Bajoran Wormhole opened and over five thousand Dominion ships poured into the Alpha Quadrant. Odo, the Dominion’s leader, reported that the Borg had destroyed the Founder’s home world and completely ripped though their space. Vice Admiral Kira Nerys, Commanding Officer of Deep Space Nine ordered all Federation forces in Bajoran space to battle stations. That night, the stations former Commanding Officer Captain Sisko appeared to Kira. He stated that the prophets had shown him events to come, and if the wormhole was not sealed both the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants would be doomed. Kira wasn’t happy with the idea of sealing the celestial temple, and contemplated the decision with the Orb of Wisdom. She too had a vision from the Prophets, who spoke to her saying it was time for Bajor to accept responsibility for itself, and that the Prophets would never abandon their children. Starfleet monitoring relays in the Gamma Quadrant picked up twenty one Borg energy signatures approaching the wormhole with over four hundred more ships within days of nearing the Gamma terminus of the wormhole. Kira eventually agreed to the plan to seal the wormhole from DS9. The station fired graviton beams at the wormhole, destabilizing it. Then, a probe with proto-matter aboard was set off inside the mouth of the wormhole, sealing it. Despite this operation, seventeen Borg Cubes and four Spheres managed to traverse the wormhole before it was sealed. DS9 took the brunt of the Borg assault, taking heavy damage and being boarded by several drones. The Borg, however, weren’t successful in assimilating the station as the centurion forces on the station repelled every single intruder. Kira then gave the order to abandon the station, as its shields had failed and its weapons were exhausted. The station was responsible for the destruction of seven Borg cubes. Kira evacuated the remnants of her crew onto her flagship the USS Gryphon. During the battle, the Gryphon took heavy damage and contact was lost with the admiral. Admiral Chadwick, who had arrived in the Bajoran system an hour before DS9 was abandoned, onboard his own ship the USS Farragut assumed command. He quickly ordered the fleet to fall back to Starbase 375. The Borg ships that hadn’t been destroyed by the fleet were left behind to take on the Bajoran orbital defence system. Within two days, the Bajoran system was lost. Within days of their victory at Bajor, the Borg once again massed a fleet of 20 Cubes, and pushed towards Tarsus.

Federation Vessels struggle to hold back a tactical cube

The Battle of Tarsus was perhaps one of the most tragic of the war. Tarsus was a densely populated region of space, with 20 M-class worlds, and an abundance of indigenous life forms. The Federation had deployed elements of the Fifth Fleet to Tarsus, but it was not considered to be a high priority position, and when the Borg entered the area the planets were easily assimilated. The USS Horus was one of three ships to make it out of Tarsus, which was described as no less than a massacre. The Federation pulled out of Tarsus two weeks into the conflict, and abandoned the system to the Borg.

Two weeks later, a Kimira Industries warship entered Tarsus and deployed a biogenic weapon on Ithid, an assimilated M-class world. The effect to the Borg was devastating; the pathogen spread like wildfire through the surrounding Borg forces. It is estimated that over 200 million drones were eliminated by the use of this super weapon.

Undeterred by the devastating Kimira attack, the Borg in the Beta Quadrant quickly turned their attention away from defending the territory they had conquered in Romulan space, and launched their second attack against the Klingon Empire. On October 2nd, the Borg arrived with a force of forty one ships in the Qo’noS system. The Klingon Defense Force alongside the Federation task force assigned to help the Klingons led by the Enterprise-E prepared for battle. Three days after the battle began, the USS Enterprise warped into orbit of Khitomer, and declared the Qo’noS was gone. Captain Worf then took a small fleet back into Klingon space to attempt to recover survivors. The forces never returned, and were declared lost.

In 2390, the Borg launched a massive offensive against Betazed. Five Tactical Cubes, ten Spheres, and a virtual armada of Interceptors overran the Betazed planetary defenses. A number of Romulan and Federation ships attempted to hold back the massive Borg armada, but it proved to be futile. The Borg firmly established a position at Betazed from which they could attack any number of key Federation worlds.

In January of 2391, Ambassador Spock was elected Federation President, but the start of the new year also saw continued Borg attacks. Khitomer was the first, and even after a strong defense from Starfleet's First Fleet, the planet fell. Borg forces from Betazed converged with forces in Tarsus and the Klingon front pushing further and further into Federation space, attacking Bynaus and Qualor II. The combined Federation-Dominion task force assembled there fought hard for Qualor, but were overwhelmed by the Borg. They took heavy losses and only thirteen ships made it back to the newly constructed Unity 1 in the Wolf 359 system.

The Cardassian stepped up production of centurion units as well as their larger Leviathan counterparts. The Federation was determined to ensure that the Borg pay for every world that they conquered, and every life that they took. Legate Garak went to Unity 1 to personally oversee the construction of a second centurion factory, as well as the deployment of several dreadnaught missiles which would be used to defend the facility against Borg aggression. The Cardassians moved the majority of their remaining warships to Unity 1 to help protect the station.

The Borg re-directed their forces back into the Alpha Quadrant, and attacked Unity 1 and its combined Federation/Cardassian/Dominion defense fleet stationed there. During mid-battle, a plan was hatched by Fleet Admiral William Ross to capture a Borg Probe and attempt to uncover how many Borg ships were still in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The admiral ordered the USS Cerberus, a Prometheus-class starship, to carry out the task by baiting the Probe to follow it out of the area. Once out of sensor range, the Cerberus sent out a rotating electromagnetic pulse that jammed the Borg's subspace communications. Then, using her massive firepower, she took out the Probe’s weapons arrays and warp engines. A boarding party beamed over and was able to tap into their systems. They found that the Borg had set up a shipyard inside what was left of Cardassian space, and had just started construction on a second instillation near Khitomer. They learned that the Borg in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were unable to reach those in the Delta Quadrant after the strike on the Unimatrix, and that the forces in the Gamma Quadrant had fought the remaining Dominion forces to what appeared to be a mutual destruction. They also learned that the Borg had a total of 223 vessels in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, with plans to build their forces for a move on Earth. Once Starfleet Command heard the news, they began work on plans to hit both shipyards. However, the USS Cerberus was the only ship to return from the battle after the Allied task force and Unity 1 was destroyed by the Borg along with most of the Cardassian fleet and Legate Garak.

On September 6th, the Dominion's 43rd battalion moved to attack the Khitomer base whilst Starfleet's Sixth Fleet and the Dominion's 42nd battalion prepared to hit the facility in Cardassian space. Both units arrived at their targets two days later and began the engagement. At Khitomer, the Dominion was met by six Spheres which they quickly destroyed. Moments later, they opened fire on the shipyards and destroyed the facility, losing only fifteen percent of their forces. The attack inside Cardassian space was not as successful. Rear Admiral Chakotay led the assault from his ship, the USS Voyager. The Allied armada was met by fourteen Borg ships and was only able to damage the facility before being forced to fall back.

With the loss of more ships and the ability to build more than cut in half, the Borg held off on further attacks for nearly a year. Then, on August 24th, 2392, they attacked Starbase 565 in the Wolf 359 system. The nightmares of the first Battle of Wolf 359 went through the minds of every single person in Starfleet as two Tactical Cubes entered the system. The Federation force was able to destroy one of the cubes and heavily damage the second. However, Starbase 565 received heavy damage and was boarded by over a thousand drones. The commander of the base ordered the station evacuated and activated the auto-destruct system. The second cube was last seen slowly limping away from the system. A day later, long range tactical reconnaissance probes picked it up as it went up in flames after the loss of containment in its drive system.
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The Inner Core

By the end of 2392, though mid-2393, Starfleet attempted to break through Borg lines to find out what happened on Romulus, Qo’noS, Cardassia, and Bajor, but each time the Borg beat them back, and then launched a counter-attack. On October 12th, a lone Cube entered the Sol system. It destroyed the research outpost Jupiter Station, the Dominion shipyards and Jem'Hadar cloning facilities before attacking Utopia Planitia. Though the Cube was destroyed, the damage inflicted upon the facility had a serious impact on Starfleet's ship output rate, meaning that the rest of the year was spent trying to rebuild the fleet yards.

The Fleet yards shortly before being destroyed

The rest of 2393 spent rebuilding the damaged yards at Sol. By May, 2394, Starfleet felt that it could send another attack force to attempt to destroy the shipyard inside Cardassian space. Commodore Tom Paris led the combined Klingon, Dominion, and Starfleet battle group. The fleet moved in force and attacked. While Borg ships were drawn off, a single ship, the USS Avenger entered the nearby star's corona, and used a modified tractor beam to force an expulsion of stellar matter that ripped the shipyard apart. The Allied fleet survived the Borg counter-attack and fled back to Earth.

Through the rest of 2394 and all of 2395, only minor skirmishes took place, with both sides facing shortages of raw materials. On March 18th, 2396, contact was lost with the inner-core worlds, Andoria and Vulcan, driving the frontlines ever closer to Earth. The USS Pegasus proceeded toward Vulcan to assess the situation. It was reported that the Pegasus encountered one Tactical Cube and two Spheres. The ship was never heard from again.

The Soho Ship yards

In 2396 the Borg launched as massive attack against the last remaining federation instillation outside of the sol system, the Soho ship yards. The Soho yards had been used to repair and re-supply front line combat vessels since the war began, and were successfully defended through out the conflict by the 10th fleet. On July third 2396 a single Borg Cube entered the proximity of the ship yard, and emitted a broad spectrum sub space signal. Moments later every computer system at the station shut down. The ships docked at the station found themselves unable to bring systems back online, and the defense ships in the area suffered the same effects. It was discovered that the Borg had deployed a ‘logic bomb’ type virus which disabled the computer function onboard the federation star ships. The Borg then assimilated the base, and vessels. Only one ship escaped the massacre, the USS Horus had been preparing to dock and was cycling its computer system when the Borg deployed their virus. The Federation ship escaped as Borg forces rolled in to assimilate the facility.

Throughout 2397, Starfleet continued to rebuild its fleets. On May 29th, a distress call was heard from Sector 441. The Son'a, a race that had been able to escape the Borg thus far, were now under attack. The Son’a had been using isolytic warheads to destroy the Borg force attacking them, however, they were quickly running out of warheads and ships. Starfleet sent Rear Admiral Paris to lead the Allied fleet in repelling the Borg invasion of the Briar Patch on the newly commissioned Sovereign class starship USS Archer. As the battle progressed, one of the Borg ships followed three Federation ships, the lead of which was the Archer, into the Briar Patch. The Borg were not ready for travel though that violent region and the Federation ships were able to cause the vessel to destroy itself by trying to move too quickly through "the patch." The other Allied ships were able to hold off the Borg, but only the three that had been inside the patch returned to Earth.

By March, 2398, the Sol System had become the only remaining stronghold in the Federation. Billions of refugees from the Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi, Gorn and Tholian civilizations amongst others sought refuge from the advancing Borg Fleet. Sending scout ships to investigate an adrift sphere later in the year, Starfleet Intelligence was able to learn that the Borg had two hundred and thirty one vessels left in the Alpha Quadrant and were preparing to attack the Sol System, specifically the Dominion outpost within Utopia Planitia - the location where the Dominion Pathogen which was still wreaking havoc throughout the Collective had been developed - hoping to find an antidote to the Pathogen. Not willing to wait for the onslaught, Starfleet Command sent four hundred and thirty two vessels to attack Galorndon Core, the site of the Borg's last remaining forward base. Though the base was destroyed, only eight Borg ships met the same fate, though the entire Allied force was lost. Following this attack, the Borg regrouped and headed towards the Sol System, entering it on Wednesday, December 23rd.

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