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 • The Borg War [2380-2398]: This Section of the Time Line includes a brief section of the Post Dominion War Alpha Quadrant and then covers the events during the majority of the Borg War, leading up to the Battle of Sol recapping dramatic battles which reshaped the Galaxy, and would set the stage for all the events which followed.
 • The Battle of Sol [2398-2400]: This Section of the Time Line details the Events of the five day battle between federation and Borg Forces for the Sol system, and the aftermath of the Federation victory over the Borg.
 • A Quadrant Reborn [2400-2407]: This section of the Time Line covers in detail the events from the end of the Borg War to the beginnings of the Cardassian Conflict, examining a number of events which contributed to the destabilization of the Quadrent.
 • Discontent & A New War [2407-2408]: This section of the Time Line covers the events immediately prior to the Cardassian Unions declaration of war, and the two year Cardassian offensive which followed it.
 • The Changing Face of Evil [2408-2410]: This section of the Time Line covers events related to the section 31 hearings, the Federation push back into the Occupied Territories, as well as a number of incidents related to the development of the Cardassian Obsidian.
 • Stalemate [2410-Present]: This section of the Time Line covers in detail the most recent events in the war against the Cardassian Union as well as the events related to the discovery of the Chaotics.


 • The Expedition Fleet Legacy [2379-Present]: A list of all Expedition Fleet Events starting with the end of Nemesis in 2379 dealing with the Turbulence of the Borg War to Current Galactic events.

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