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Deck Lay out of the USS Broad Sword NCC-70542

Non Deck Specific Objects

The fallowing is a list of various corridors and crawl ways common to the majority of areas on the USS Broad Sword:

Coridoors: The standard corridor of the USS Broad Sword.

Turbo lift :The turbo lift is the standard method of moving from one deck to another in any federation star ship. Turbo lifts are capable of both vertical and horizontal movement. [turbo lift tube] [Rapid acceleration tube]

Jeffries tubes: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 The Jeffries tube is a net work of small enclosed corridors that allow star ship personal easy access to a variety of systems, and provide “easy access” in most cases to systems that could not other wise be reached.

Service corridor: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 The service corridor is an enlarged version of the Jeffries tubes designed to allow rapid ready access to vital maintenance areas. In the situation of severe damage a service corridor can serve as an emergency evacuation rout.

security doors: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 [enhanced torpedo resistant vehicle stop door] The security door system was developed during the Borg war and has since been implemented on all federation star ships. The concept of a larger heavier door has been used on star ships since their conception how ever the idea behind the security door was developed by Edward Donovan for implementation on the USS Devestator. The security door contains many of the alloys found in the hull and the area around it is normal tied directly into the bulk head as well as specially reinforced. The security doors development was spurred on by the relative ease at which Borg drones passed through federation shielding. Well drones could cut through the doors they would not simply be able to walk through them, thus buying the crews of boarded vessels additional time to cope with their situation. All security doors are equipped with fractal encryption lock outs that prevent Borg over ride. (All security doors can be controlled from Master security control [Deck 5].

Escape pod related facilities:

Escape pods : The Broad Sword Carries the Mark VIII escape pod galaxy class sub type. The Mark VIII is designed to seat 4, and accommodates the entire crew, how ever in situations of emergency up to 20 people can occupy an escape pod. The Mark VIII can maintain 4 people for up to a month in relative comfort, and 20 people for up to 2 days. The Mark VIII’s impulse engine is twice as powerful as the Mark VII and can operate for twice as long.

Escape pod control : Escape pods are grouped in pails and located along the hull of the Broad Sword. Behind the Escape pod launches can be over ridden from the control facility. Well the control center is not needed to launch the escape pod itself. The main function of the control facility is to in emergencies alter the survival settings of the escape pod if the need arisis.

In corridor maintenance:
In corridor power distribution access: 1 , 2 It is often vital to be able to access the power transfer grid in none specially designed stations. It is for this reason that the floor panels in all corridors can be removed to provide access to sub systems running underneath them. Often in corridors the walls panels can be removed for additional maintenance access. [This is never the case around security door’s]

secondary control panel: There are often situations where a control panel is damaged or made unreachable. In these situations, panels in either the wall or in the deck itself can be removed to access the basic systems of a control panel. Well they often lack the full display the are ale to provide the basic command functions of the panel that would normally be used.

Individual Deck Lay out of the USS BROADSWORD NCC-70542

Deck 1: Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Observation lounge
Deck 1a: Sensor sub system maintenance, Bridge Support, emergency command overrides.

Deck 2: XO’s ready room , Mission Advisors office , CSTO’s office , Chief councilor’s office , Chief strategic operations officer’s office , CFCO’s office , CDO’s office , CSO’s office, Chief operations officer’s office, Departmental briefing room, energy Cannon Support

Deck3: MCO’s office , MXO’s office , Marine officers quarters , Marine General Conference Facility , Marine lockers 1-20 , Deployment room , Marine briefing room , Marine barracks 1-25, armory [all corridors contain such structures on deck 3] , Marine gyms, Marine wrestling court, Marine close quarters combat training, Marine firing ranges, Marine lounge , Marine barracks, marine barracks, engineering support, advanced weapon R&D, Master at arms station, Field weapon trial areas 1-5.

Deck 4: Senior Officer’s quarters, Junior Officer’s Quarters, crew quarters, Sick Bay.

Deck 5: Forward Observation lounge, Crew Mess, Officers Mess, Captains Mess, Officers Quarters, Crew Quarters, tranporter room 1.

Deck 6: Diplomatic facilities, holodeck 1, crew lounge, science labs.

Deck 7: Auxiliary control, weapons bay support, computer core maintenance, armory.

Deck 8: Fighter Bays 10-20, auxiliary ammo storage, Cargo bays, torpedo bays, torpedo storage, transporter room 2.

Deck 9: Shuttle Through Way, Shuttle support systems, fighter bays 1-10, away team gear storage room, vehicle maintenance bays, shuttle lifts, fueling stations, torpedo tubes, docking bays, armory.

Deck 10: Ground Vehicle storage, ground vehicle support, shuttle storage bays, shuttle maintenance bays, engineering support Torpedo bays.

Deck 11: cargo bays, power junctions, impulse relay supports, engineering support, deflector control, operations.

Deck 12 [security and tactical control]: Master security control , Transporter, AUX security monitoring , AUX tactical control , security briefing center , Security hearing and interrogation center , Brig 7 , Brig 3 , security maintenance sub station B, Tactical sub processors.

Deck 13: Fusion Reactors, Automation control systems, science labs [automation], sensor grid maintenance, shield generators, energy transfer grid.

Deck 14: Main Engineering, CEO’s office, ACEO’s office, Computer Core, transporter room, crew quarters, cargo bays

Deck 15: Engineering support, science labs, Engineering Research Lab, Secondary Computer Core Access, environmental controls, auxiliary parts storage, industrial replicators, ablative armor maintenance.

Deck 16: autonomous system monitoring, matter recycling centers.

Deck 17: cargo bays, injector support, matter flow regulation

Deck 18: torpedo tubes, deuterium storage, torpedo storage, armory, lower injectors.

Deck 19: anti matter generators, Maintenance access , Reaction controls , anti matter containment subsystems

Connection Struts

Secondary Impulse Generators, Drive plasma transfer systems, structural integrity systems, secondary shield generators, cargo bays, Ventral Maintenance.

Torpedo Pod

Automation centers, torpedo storage, torpedo tubes
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